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Sunday Matinee: Stanley Kurtz on the College Board Monopoly and Common Core

Sunday Matinee: Video of Stanley Kurtz at Civitas CLC 2016.
“Common Core is just the beginning. What most people still don’t understand is that the College Board, the non-profit company that creates the SAT test and all of the many Advanced Placement exams, poses an even greater threat to local control, state authority, and traditional American values than does Common Core.” – Stanley Kurtz, CLC 2016
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Civitas launches Educations Savings Account Initiative – #NCed #ESA

The Civitas Institute has launched a new website to raise awareness about Education Savings Accounts or ESA’s.

Civitas has held a few Townhall’s already on ESA’s in the Triangle area. I myself attended one just last week in Apex. The next one is being held in Greensboro on February 4th. Parents wishing to attend can get more information on the Greensboro event here.

Here’s the press release from Civitas on the launch of ESA4NCKIDS.org:

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Have You Heard About The Center for Law and Freedom? – #NCpol

Have you heard about the Center for Law and Freedom (CLF)?

No? Well, take the time to get familiar with them. CLF is doing important work right here in North Carolina.

I myself am working with CLF’s attorney, Elliot Engstrom, on education related matters, in particular data privacy and data collection here in North Carolina. Stay tuned — I’ll have more on this as it unfolds.

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Alamance Elections Board Sued Over Handling of Public Records Requests (Updated -Suit Dropped)

Civitas has filed a lawsuit against the Alamance Elections Board over a public records request.

Press Release:

RALEIGH – The Civitas Institute has filed suit in Alamance County Superior Court challenging the legality of the Alamance County Board of Election’s public records policy. In the 12-page complaint, Civitas asks the Court to clarify several areas of North Carolina public records law, including what actions by a state agency constitute a denial of a public records request, whether requestors of public records may be required to physically inspect records before receiving copies, and to what extent a records custodian may delegate away his or her statutory duty to provide the public with access to records.

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Poll: Strong Support For NC Opportunity Scholarships

A recent poll by Civitas shows very strong public support for the Opportunity Scholarship program, of which legal arguments about the program are being heard at the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Civitas reported that overall approval for the program stood at 68% with a high percentage of minorities (80%) supporting it.


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Civitas Says $640k Campaign Ad Violated The Law

Civitas alleges that N.C. Families first did not properly register its name on campaign ads and also did not file their paperwork within the legal time frame.

There are three ads from N.C. Families First on YouTube:

Alarm Clock
Bad Hand
More below the press release on N.C. Families First.

Press release from Civitas:

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