Poll: Strong Support For NC Opportunity Scholarships

A recent poll by Civitas shows very strong public support for the Opportunity Scholarship program, of which legal arguments about the program are being heard at the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Civitas reported that overall approval for the program stood at 68% with a high percentage of minorities (80%) supporting it.

A closer look at the breakdown of those numbers by political leaning tells an even more impressive story, with 75% of registered Democrats supporting the program:

With regard to party registration support is high among all groups with the relative rankings probably a bit surprising to most people.  Fifty-nine percent of respondents registered as Republicans favor the program (29% oppose). Three quarters (75 percent) of registered Democrats who were polled favor the program (21 percent oppose), along with over  two-thirds (68 percent) of registered Independents.

Not to be missed in the poll were several questions on approval of Common Core.  The questions were basically the same, but the results appear to be broken out by two factors; region and political affiliation.

The overall percentages for both break-outs seemed the same, total Favor 34%, total Oppose 52%.  In the political affiliation breakout, favorability of the Common Core was strongest with Democrat males strongly favoring the standards at 30%.  Their female counterparts only strongly supported the standards at 18%.

Conversely, for strongly opposed, both Republican males and females broke over 50% each. Interestingly, Independent males strongly opposed the standards with 40% and Independent women strongly opposed at 36%.



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