Have You Heard About The Center for Law and Freedom? – #NCpol

CivitasHave you heard about the Center for Law and Freedom (CLF)?


Well, take the time to get familiar with them. They’re part of the Civitas Institute, where I’ve been free-lance writing as of late.

From the CLF website:

The Center for Law and Freedom (CLF), a nonprofit public interest law firm housed within the Civitas Institute, provides free legal representation to North Carolinians facing violations of their constitutional or other legal rights. CLF represents North Carolinians in cases such as administrative agency actions, constitutional litigation, and transparency lawsuits. The Center is part of the Civitas Institute’s overall mission to implement conservative policy solutions for the benefit of all North Carolinians.

Below are some links to more information about CLF:

Litigation Library


Press Releases


Clerkship/Externship Program

CLF is doing important work right here in North Carolina.

CLF has entered into a few cases, one of which deals with the NC Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and two citizens who have filed suit regarding Iberdrola Renewables’ Amazon Wind farm.  CLF is representing the citizens, Stephen Owens and Jillanne Gigi Badawi, in the case.   Read the most recent press release and the case filing.

I myself am working with CLF’s attorney, Elliot Engstrom, on education related matters, in particular data privacy and data collection here in North Carolina. Stay tuned — I’ll have more on this as it unfolds.

In the meantime, make it a habit to check out what CLF is up to — bookmark their page and sign up for Civitas emails!

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