Sunday Matinee: Stanley Kurtz on the College Board Monopoly and Common Core

Earlier this year, the Civitas Institute held their Conservative Leadership Conference (CLC) which had a long list of great speakers and break out sessions.

Kurtz has written about many political and education issues for various outlets like National Review Online and Ethics and Public Policy Center. I’ve cited some of his work regarding the AP History revisions in the past both here and on

I was in attendance at CLC this year and had the privilege of sitting with Mr. Kurtz at dinner one evening during the conference. The video below is one of the break-out sessions I attended where Kurtz talked about the impact of an imposed national curriculum (Common Core) and how the College Board is a monopoly with an agenda.

“Common Core is just the beginning. What most people still don’t understand is that the College Board, the non-profit company that creates the SAT test and all of the many Advanced Placement exams, poses an even greater threat to local control, state authority and traditional American values than does Common Core.” – Stanley Kurtz, CLC 2016

Read Kurtz’s Op-Ed at the Washington Post: The College Board is in a position to create a defacto National Curriculum

Here’s the full video:

Published on Jul 11, 2016

The real threat to American education? A leftist national curriculum, Stanley Kurtz said at the Civitas Institute’s Conservative Leadership Conference 2016. Kurtz says the good news is that there are ways to block this ominous trend.. He is introduced by Civitas Senior Policy Analyst Bob Luebke.

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  1. brackenkaren says:

    A very good friend of mine here in TN (Julie West) and her partner are field testing a competitive test to the College Board. And it is the answer we have been looking for. Once they complete the field tests it goes to market. Here is some information about it. Mr. Kurtz might be interested in this endeavor. This has been a dream of Julies since we got on the education battle 4 years ago. We both realize we all need to come up with ways to circumvent the system.


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