Rufo video neatly packages Critical Race Theory’s history, purpose and how to fight it

A new video by Christopher Rufo efficiently and neatly timelines the Marxist history of Critical Race Theory and the threat it poses in public policy and in schools across the country.

The video is about 11 minutes long and is broken down into several sections such as the Marxist origins of Critical Race Theory (CRT), how it has and continues to be be woven into public policy, the how and why behind how it has spread, and what is being done to fight it.

One section of the video in particular hits on how CRT has blanketed training both in private business and at the federal goverment level, including the military. Additionally, Rufo points out examples he has found in K-12 education.

Rufo’s education series began with Wake County Public Schools right here in North Carolina via a report produced by this website.

In 2020, I published the findings of a records request for an event organized by the district’s Office of Equity Affairs. The event was called “EdCamp Equity” and the district superintendent Cathy Moore was a keynote speaker.

My records request for EdCamp Equity included session notes labeled  “Whiteness in Ed Spaces” with topics such as CRT and white privilege. These session notes discuss how to force alterations to history and social studies classes where there is “White washed curriculum,”[SIC] and how to apply CRT in the classroom.

The “Whiteness in Ed Spaces” session notes outright talk about silencing and going around parents, stating “you can’t let parents deter you from the work.”

Here is an excerpt:

2020-09-05 Whiteness in Ed Spaces Excerpt - Shutting parents down WCPSS OEA Edcamp Equity

Read the full report: Records request reveals ‘Whiteness in Ed Spaces,” “Affinity groups” at WCPSS EdCamp Equity.

It’s worth noting that Wake County’s Office of Equity Affairs has hosted two Edcamp Equity events and likely would have hosted a third had the pandemic not interrupted “the work.”


I have continued reporting on Wake County Public Schools use of CRT in teacher training in a two-part series at North State Journal.

As a result of this reporting, the district removed a professional development training course literally titled “Intro to Critical Race Theory” and the head of the Office of Equity Affairs quit his 7-year long position, opting to go back to his old post in the equity department in Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools.

These reports have also opened up a floodgate of stories, materials, and tips from parents, teachers, and public school employees.

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