BLM co-founder edited out of WCPSS’ Office of Equity Affairs BLM themed site, but…

Wake County Public Schools’ Office of Equity Affairs did some ‘Black Lives Matter’ website editing recently but did it make a difference?

Black Lives Matters’ “trained Marxist” Patrisse was a prominent fixture on a Wake County Public Schools (WCPSS) Black Live Matter themed website up until sometime before a video by Cullors was published earlier this month. We’ll get to the video in a moment, but first, some background.

WCPSS and its Office of Equity Affairs (OEA) has been a leader among school districts in the state in steadily allowing Black Lives Matter rhetoric and propaganda to inch into the classrooms.

Some examples from just this year:

For years now, the OEA has been pushing white privilege training and BLM themed professional development across the district to the tune of hundreds of thousands. The OEA itself has a multi-million dollar price tag that comes with zero accountability or any evidence of a return on investment.

Last spring, around the time George Floyd protests erupted, WCPSS’ OEA even rolled out a Black Lives Matter (BLM) themed website. That website is still up and using the WCPSS logo despite a petition from parents to remove it.

When it first launched the Office of Equity Affairs BLM site prominently featured Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of BLM. This is a screenshot of the original page as reported in June:

patrisse cullors office of equity affairs oea wcpss blm

The section featuring Cullors has been replaced with a video of Civil Rights legend, Martin Luther King’s 1963 Letter from Birmingham Jail.  It is unclear from archives of the site when the change was made, but it was sometime before Cullors posted the video below.

The video is titled Am I a Marxist?  It is a four-minute and 33-second pity party she’s thrown for herself.  Cullors says she made the video to “set the record straight” because people have said “hurtful” things about her and BLM. Examples she gives included trying to advance a “Communist agenda” and no one takes them seriously anymore.

“Am I a Marxist? I am a lot of things.  I do believe in Marxism,” says Cullors. “It’s a philosophy that I learned early on in my organizing career. We were taught to learn about the systems that were criticizing capitalism. We were taught to understand why there were philosophies that were criticizing capitalism.”

Cullors has clearly forgotten she’s already admitted that, yes, she is a “trained Marxist.” Who trained her? Eric Mann, another Marxist and also a Maoist, who was a member of the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground Organization.

In the video Cullors also tries to tie her real Marxism to the claims that everyone called Martin Luther King a Communist “until he was assassinated.” This part of the video lends itself to the idea that perhaps the Office of Equity Affairs saw the video and that’s why King was swapped for Cullors.

Ms. Cullors is likely referencing claims that King was a Communist spawned by the FBI’s COINTEL-PRO operation. Or maybe she’s referring to the dossier on King released with the Kennedy files in 2017. That dossier says “King is a whole-hearted Marxist who has studied it, believes in it and agrees with it, but because of his being a minister of religion, does not dare to espouse it publicly.”

It is accurate that King did espouse key Communist themes in terms of social justice and capitalism but he also called Communism “fundamentally incompatible” with Christianity.

Cullors then says that today “everybody loves Dr. Martin Luther King,” and “Nobody talks about his work as being work that was terrible or bad.”  She’s right, it wasn’t bad. That’s because his work did not involve systematic burning down of cities, looting businesses, property destruction, and rioting.

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