Petition calls for Wake County Schools to remove Black Lives Matter website, training

A petition with over 1,260 signatures is calling on Wake County Public Schools to remove Marxist Black Lives Matter curriculum and training and to “cease providing politically biased material promoting BLM content to children and teachers.”

Specifically mentioned in the petition is the removal of a Black Lives Matter themed website created by the district’s Office of Equity Affairs that was first reported by A.P. Dillon on June 12 of this year.

The petition is addressed to the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS)  Superintendent Cathy Quiros Moore and all nine WCPSS members. All nine of the board are up for re-election this November and five of them have challengers.  Two of the board members –  Monika Johnson-Hostler and Bill Fletcher – each have two challengers. Read the full rundown of the WCPSS board races here.

“Wake County citizens and taxpayers condemn all forms of racism. We support our black fellow Americans and the Constitution of the United States of America. We understand WCPSS wants to denounce racism, however WCPSS should not do so by promoting the politically biased BLM Black Lives Matter Marxist anti-Semitic organization to children and teachers,” the petition reads.

The petition then requests that WCPSS “immediately remove their Office of Equity Affairs (OEA) new web site “Racial and Equity Resources for WCPSS Educators and Staff” and provides the raw link to the website:

Eight reasons are listed for the removal, each with citations.

The first two reasons cited deal with one of the three founders of Black Lives Matter (BLM), Patrisse Cullors, who openly admitted that she and her BLM co-founders are “trained Marxists.” Cullors was trained as an activist by Eric Mann, a member of the domestic terror group The Weather Underground.

The petition states that “Marxists were responsible for the deaths of 100 million innocent people throughout history.[2]” and that it is a “dangerous political indoctrination ideology and is un-American. Americans believe in Democracy, not communism. A public school has no right to train children in Marxism.”

The rest of the reasons include the call by BLM to defund the police, the BLM’s antisemitism, and the promotion of “white privilege” and “white fragility” as racist.

Among the reasons, the petition chastizes the OEA’s site for having no authority to create “racial accountability groups,” which likely is referring to the “Accountability partners” who the OEA’s website says “are coaches that help us keep our commitments.”  Accountability partners are step three in the section on “how to be an ally” to the BLM movement.

The ally section has three steps, the first of which is to make sure all white people know they are the problem, step two is for the white person to know their place, and step three is where white allies are supposed to recruit more people to undergo steps one and two.

In addition, the petition also calls out classroom lessons and teacher training that are being drawn from “Teaching Tolerance,” an offshoot of the disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Read more about Teaching Tolerance and the SPLC here.

Here is the full list of reasons from the petition:

  • WCPSS new OEA site promotes BLM leader, Patrisse Cullors, who is a self-proclaimed Marxist (see video link below at 1:12 where she states, “We are trained Marxists.”)[1]. Marxists were responsible for the deaths of 100 million innocent people throughout history.[2] Marxism is dangerous political indoctrination ideology and is un-American. Americans believe in Democracy, not communism. A public school has no right to train children in Marxism.
  • BLM leader Cullors states she was trained by a domestic terrorist and communist, Eric Mann. Mann’s organization, Weather Underground, bombed the U.S. Capitol, State Department, and Pentagon in 1960’s and 70’s and their goal was to overthrow the United States government.[3] Mann was a domestic terrorist charged with attempted murder of a Boston police officer in 1969.[4] Cullors describes Mann as her “foundation.”
  • The official BLM web site calls for the defunding of all police nationwide.[5] A public school such as WCPSS, has no right to promote anti-police rhetoric and defunding police nationally to children. Public schools should promote positive relations with local police.
  • BLM is anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic, and has called for the destruction of Israel.[6] This is highly offensive to WCPSS Jewish families. Considering millions of Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, WCPSS promoting BLM anti-Jewish organization, must stop.
  • WCPSS new site promotes the terms “white privilege” and “white fragility,” which are racist. A public school government entity should not be singling out one race in a negative way.
  • WCPSS new site calls for the creation of “racial accountability groups.” This is outside the scope of public school authority. You do not have parent permission to create these groups and involve children in them.
  • WCPSS new site prescribes politically biased lessons for teachers and children from the biased political organization,, which is owned by anti-Christian political group, Southern Poverty Law Center. SPLC lists Christian pro-family group, Family Research Council, as a hate group.
  • WCPSS is in violation of the Educators Model Code of Ethics[7] by promoting their new web site and contents.

WCPSS & OEA are the Tip of the Iceberg

Wake County Schools is not the only district attempting to promote BLM or supplant academic instruction with related social and racial justice materials.

Multiple parents and teachers have reached out to this website concerned about similar websites, materials, and training in other districts like Charlotte-Mecklenberg, Guilford, and Moore, to name a few.

The State Board of Education has also been engaged in discussions to revise the state’s Social Studies standards and materials to include racial and social justice themes. At the State Board of Education’s July 8, 2020 meeting, the board postponed a vote on alterations to the state’s social studies standards in order to add more content about the “hard truths” about slavery and racism.

The “hard truths” being considered by the board will be in addition to current proposed changes that include “perspectives of racial, ethnic, gender, and identity minority groups” and “non-traditional” content. The “non-traditional” content includes teaching about Black Wall Street in Durham, redlining, desegregation of schools, but also politically charged issues like the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter and, illegal immigration – specifically the deportation of Mexicans.

Just one year earlier, in July 2019, the board had hosted WCPSS’s OEA for a presentation about “leveraging student voices” to advance their “Equity Framework” in “schools and classrooms.” The OEA’s “Equity Framework” mirrors the “Anti-Bias Framework” from Teaching Tolerance.

The overarching theme of OEA’s “Equity Framework” is to train teachers to have an “action-oriented mindset” which will move social and racial justice themes through their students and classrooms. According to Rodney Trice, Director of the OEA, teachers are supposed to “see, understand, interrupt” inequities “wherever they are.” Read the full report on the OEA’s meeting with the State Board of Education here.

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