WCPSS’s Office of Equity Affairs rolls out Black Lives Matter website

The Wake County Public School’s Office of Equity Affairs (OEA) has created a Black Lives Matter themed website to provide “resources” to teachers in order to “teach the movement” in their classrooms.

This website has clearly been created in response to the George Floyd protests. Those protests turned into riots that destroyed parts of major cities nationwide, including areas of North Carolina like Raleigh and Charlotte. Access to it was posted to WCPSS Connect, which is a teacher message board of sorts used by the district.

Of note, the site prominently features arguably the most radical of the three Black Lives Matter co-founders, Patrisse Cullors.

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How radical is she?

I wrote about BLM and how it was based in Liberation Theology and Black Liberation Theology. At that time I also outlined where BLM was getting funding from and, yes, George Soros made the list. One as only to visit their websiteto see how far to the left this group is and that when you donate to them, the money is funneled through the Democrat fundraising organizaition, ACT BLUE.

I also wrote about its founders three years ago and Cullors has only added to her resume since then. Cullors is notoriously anti-Israel and known for her participation in the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement as well as a fan and supporter of the antisemite Farrakhan.

Cullors is a socialist, who was trained as an activist by Eric Mann of the domestic terrorist group, Weather Underground Organization.  The Weather Underground is well-known for being responsible for multiple bombings, including a building in Greenwich, NY, the U.S. Capitol building, U.S. State Department building, and the Pentagon during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Mann also runs the Labor/ Community Strategies Center  (LCSC) where Cullors activism began in  her late teens when she joined the LCSC’s ‘Bus Riders Union‘, a transportation advocacy group that claims to ride the bus is “a human right.”

Around 2012, Cullors formed a group called Dignity and Power Now (DPN) based in Los Angeles that fights for the dignity and power of incarcerated people, their families, and communities.” DPN, like BAJI, is also a front group for the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO). DPN’s website says they are a “Community Partners Project”, which is a 501(c)3 with over $35 million in assets. Community Partners basically acts as a pass-through for other non-profits to obscure the origins of donations and grants.

In the 2015 interview clip below, she describes herself and the other two co-founders as “trained organizers” and  “trained Marxists.” The full interview can be viewed here.

This is the woman the Office of Equity Affairs has chosen to lionize on their new website, they’ve titled, “Racial Equity Resources for WCPSS Educators & Staff.”

But it gets worse, the OEA’s Racial Equity “resources” include a collection of politically charged and divisive material from Southern Poverty Law Center/Teaching Tolerance. This is not a shock since the lead member of the OEA team is Lauryn Mascarenaz, a former Teaching Tolerance employee.

The website includes a section on “how to be an ally” to the BLM movement, which has three steps. The first is to make sure all white people know they are the problem, step two is for the white person to know their place, and step three is where white allies are supposed to recruit more people to undergo steps one and two.

Learn to recognize privilege and how to utilize social capital to promote equity and social justice.

Educators must understand the do’s and don’ts of allyship as to not cause more harm than good.

Racial equity work is challenging. Accountability partners will push you forward when you feel like taking a step back.

Each of these steps has materials that appear when you click the appropriate step.

Step one links to a tweet from “Late Late Show writer, Olivia Harewood, and host, James Corden, use a comedic script, which is quite instructive, to unpack social privilege.”

In step two, there is a video of Robin DiAngelo, author of “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism”, who dictates the “don’ts of allyship.”

Step three is all about recruiting others to the movement, which goes about recruitment much like a cult does. This section says to “Choose your racial equity accountability group wisely,” and by wisely, they seemingly want to expand the echo chamber by picking people exactly like those already in the group:

” Select partners who are as committed as you, has similar values, can be available when you are available, and are genuinely interested in helping you succeed. It’s important that partners communicate in a way that is similar to you, and you must trust that they have your best interests at heart.”

Additionally, step three’s recruitment section says “Racial equity accountability must be tied to specific outcomes.” What outcomes? Turning your child into a protester?

This website is less of a surprise to those paying attention. After all, the OEA did say they would “leverage student voices” last year. It’s doubtful many would have imagined that statement would turn into this level of overtly radical political activism. But yet it has, and the taxpayer is footing a multi-million dollar bill for OEA’s often anti-white social justice activism.

And what has the OEA done?  Have they helped improve minority achievement? No. How about test scores? No. Access to advanced courses? Nope. So, what have they really accomplished beyond sowing discord while bilking the taxpayer? We may never know since a request for the OEA’s targets and goals yielded exactly nothing. There is no such document. OEA staff is evaluated on their own based on metrics the public will never see because they are shielded by personnel file policies.

At a time when we need to be coming together, the OEA has just presented a radical and political blueprint for dividing us – through our children, no less.

The public can do something about it. All nine seats on the WCPSS board are up for reelection and filing opened this week.

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