“More With Four” Democrat Keeps Omitting Her Job, Moral Monday Support

Over the last month, I’ve pointed out the issues with the four people Democrats are putting up as Wake County Commissioner candidates.  The News and Observer has done everything possible to portray these four in the best light possible; from not mentioning their inexperience, to their Moral Monday support and conflicts of interest.

I zeroed in on one of them before, Jessica Holmes. Ignore for a moment she has zero experience with multi-billion dollar budgets, growth planning or much of what is called for in a County Commissioner. Look at what she’s not saying.

In speaking engagements, online promotions and social media, Ms. Holmes neglects to tell people she is a Moral Monday supporter and speaker, as well as an NCAE attorney.

If Ms. Holmes is elected, will she be recusing herself from education related items or will she be quitting her job at the NCAE?

I ask this question about recusal because of her strident education activism at the NCAE and her involvement with the Moral Monday crowd on the topic.

See it for yourself.

Fast forward to near the 2 hour and 25 minute of this livestream feed, where Ms. Holmes speaks in front of a Moral Monday behind the scenes event and is embraced and praised by the leader of Moral Monday when she concludes.  The image above is actually a screen shot from the video.

By the way, I did keep a copy of this video should they try to take this one down like they did the other one that I pointed out.

No Scholarships For Poor Kids…Because cars, or something.
In this speech of hers, she bashes school choice and opportunity scholarships. Ms. Holmes holds up the thin excuse of a possible ‘lack of a ride’ to a school of the family’s choice.

I nearly spit out my coffee when I heard her personal story on how these Opportunity Scholarships wouldn’t have been a reality for her because she would have no transportation. Ergo, no one should have this opportunity since Ms. Holmes retro vision says she couldn’t have done it.

Ms. Holmes, if the parents are going to go through the effort of getting their child into an Opportunity scholarship, don’t you think they can figure out transportation?  Give us a break.

This isn’t the only time Ms. Holmes stood shoulder to shoulder with the leader of Moral Monday against educational opportunities to aid low-income kids. She did so just earlier this year. Ms. Holmes comments from earlier this year shows she is consistent with her omission track record.

Her comments left out the facts on Opportunity Scholarships implying the dollar amount is supposed to cover full tuition and muddied that waters on the free and reduced lunch qualifications. Ms. Holmes, newsflash for you — over 43% of North Carolina kids qualify for free and reduced lunch.  Her stance smacks of protectionism.
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I’ll say this again about these ‘More At Four’ Candidates – they need to be called out on their Moral Monday support. They want to control the purse strings of Wake County and this is the kind of budget they believe in:


The Costs of the “Moral Budget”
The demands made by Barber and his ‘Moral budget’ would put North Carolina in the hole to the tune of more than the $7 billion previously stated, but rather just under $10 billiondollars. Yes, billion with a ‘b’.  That $10 billion translates to a $4 grand tax hike on every North Carolinian family of four.

One of the Moral Monday chief and continuing gripes, expanding Medicaid, would add $3.1 billion alone. Hardly revenue neutral. Moral Monday continues to bash the legislature for that, when in fact Kay Hagan’s Obamacare vote actually cut Medicaid by $716 billion whereas NC simply didn’t expand it.  

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