For Occupy Monday, Math Is Hard

Math is not really an interpretive study. However, Reverend Barber, the defacto leader of the NC Democrats seems to think it is. Barber is welcome to his own opinion on taxes and the budget, but not his own facts.

Barber’s theme of a recent News and Observer Op-Ed was ‘eat the rich’ and to attack the new tax code, which has been hailed as a 4th best in the country and and it ‘blows away other states‘ and brings NC from 44th to 17th in the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index. Barber thinks his math is better though:

But the General Assembly created this year’s so-called budget crisis by passing hefty tax breaks for the wealthiest and the corporations last year. If our lawmakers found the courage to repeal the unfair tax policies, we would gain up to $1.2 billion in additional revenue.” 

That “hefty tax break for the wealthiest” is the same “hefty tax break” for every North Carolinian – we’ve gone to a 5.8% flat rate. The corporations rate was originally 6.9%, it’s now 6%. OH THE HUMANITY! We might actually attract businesses and jobs!!! Barber doesn’t even mention our sales tax of 4.75%, which is lower than the national average of 5.95% or our property tax average with ranks 12th lowest nationally. They, and the fact most voters approve of the changes, don’t fit the narrative of eat the rich though. So pfffft!

Quick Reminder, Barber said his budget was ‘revenue neutral’ before he said it would bring in $1.2 billion:


Laugh or cry at this point? I’d say both since Barber’s math here means North Carolina’s combined Corporate tax rate would skyrocket to 80%.   In that same Occupy flavored Op-Ed in the News and Observer, Barber tried to claim his budget would bring in $100 million in extra revenue. Barber cites the “Non-partisan” NC Budget and Tax center on this $100 million:

Berger tried to deflect a serious discussion by claiming it would cost the state $7 billion to implement the Forward Together Movement’s Moral Agenda. But when the nonpartisan N.C. Budget & Tax Center ran the numbers on a budget that repealed the tax cuts and aligned with the movement’s platform, it discovered that North Carolina would have an extra $100 million in its coffers in 2014.

I’d love to see the calculations done by the “Non-partisan” NC Budget and Tax Center that would make that $100 million happen.  Yes, the italics on “Non-partisan” was implied sarcasm; NC Budget and Tax  = NC Justice Center.

I think the Washington Post might want to see the calculations too, since they gave NC Budget and Tax Center Three Pinnocchios out of a possible four for the claim that taxes were being raised on 80% of North Carolinians. Last month, Terry Stoops pointed out this lambasting of the twisting NC Budget and Tax did with another outfit’s report. This same debunking by the Washington Post applies to Barber’s Op-Ed.

The Costs of the “Moral Budget”
The demands made by Barber and his ‘Moral budget’ would put North Carolina in the hole to the tune of more than the $7 billion previously stated, but rather just under $10 billion dollars. Yes, billion with a ‘b’.  That $10 billion translates to a $4 grand tax hike on every North Carolinian family of four.

One of the Moral Monday chief and continuing gripes, expanding Medicaid, would add $3.1 billion alone. Hardly revenue neutral. Moral Monday continues to bash the legislature for that, when in fact Kay Hagan’s Obamacare vote actually cut Medicaid by $716 billion whereas NC simply didn’t expand it.  

Hagan’s Obamacare vote set in motion cuts to beneficiaries, cuts to Medicare Advantage that caused over half a million seniors to lose coverage so far and of which Kay Hagan could have prevented but she voted NO in 2010 and voted NO to helping seniors with Medicaid Advantage in 2009 as well. Also in 2009, she voted NO another time to preventing Medicaid cuts. Kay Hagan raided Medicaid to pay for Obamacare, but all that’s irrelevant, because… Republican NC Legislature! or something.

Couple that with the disturbing fact that there are only 4 million are newly insured under Obamacare with a target of 27 million, the fact NC stayed out of the expansion might have been the smartest move yet. Obamacare seems to be imploding under its own weight, which Moral Monday liberals like to ignore along with Kay Hagan’s hypocrisy:  

Another demand is “free” healthcare for everyone, including illegal immigrants. That one item is the largest one at $6.8 billion a year. See the whole list of what the ‘Moral Budget’ would cost North Carolina and read the letters between Phil Berger and Reverend Barber.

In a nutshell, for Barber, math is hard — it’s especially hard when you’re tying to make number say something they don’t.


Moral Monday is indeed what I have said it has become: Occupy Monday.
Eat the Rich, big sweeping desires with no way of getting there, Big government is our Saviour, “free” stuff, more unions and spend, spend, spend other people’s money – because, you’re a racist if you don’t.

Beyond the numerous, vague socialism based demands, Occupy Monday was and still is an assault on the Republican leadership. The demands are an attempt to bring an air of legitimacy to disguise that this is really just a temper tantrum of the small but loud Far Left in North Carolina executing the “cripple, eviscerate, pressure and slam” BlueprintNC strategy.



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