Wake Cty Commissioner Race: Rich Gianni

I hope folks have been paying attention to the Wake County Commissioner races. I’ve shown who the Democrats have put up in this race and what they stand for quite clearly. This time let’s take a look at one of the other candidates, Rich Gianni.

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Mr. Gianni recently.  I made the point to ask him about what he feels makes him qualified to run for a spot on the Commission.

Gianni said two key pieces lend to being successful as a Commissioner. One being the ability to manage investor cash. The taxpayers are the investors here and they deserve experienced representation. The other reason is the ability not just to manage large budgets, but also to help craft them in such a way as to maximize ROI and to be efficient.

Gianni’s business background managing large budgets spans 25 years and his has taken up lead financial positions in getting start up companies off the ground.

More details on his business and education background here:

Professional Experience

  • 1982 started in the steel industry as a Field Accountant
  • Held a variety of positions including Internal Auditor, Cost Analyst & Accounting Manager of Forecasting & Budgets
  • 1992 hired as Controller of SEER Technologies, Inc., a start up technology company in Cary, NC
  • 1997 to present held lead financial roles in start-up companies
  • Currently the CFO of Ziptronix, Inc., a Semiconductor industry start-up company in the Triangle


  • 1982 – BS Accounting Degree from the University of Steubenville
  • 1988 – CPA Certification in West Virginia
  • 1996 – MBA from The Duke University Fuqua School of Business

Compare Gianni’s experience and background to opponent Jessica Holmes who backs Moral Monday and their over $7 billion dollar agenda.  Holmes who, in forum engagements, has tried to compare Gianni’s background with her extensive managing of buying two homes. No, I’m not kidding.

There’s no contest here — especially when the opponent doesn’t bother to show up.

Gianni’s Points of Contact

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1 Response to Wake Cty Commissioner Race: Rich Gianni

  1. Linda Hanlon says:

    Jessica Holmes is making herself look a bit foolish. To compare Rich Gianni to her in any way shape or form. If we had qualified finance people in the White House we wouldn’t be where we are today. Financial responsibility is key in running a business, county and country. You want better for teachers? Then you vote for the one that knows where to put our money to get the job done right!
    Rich Gianni will see to it that OUR money will go exactly where it needs to be for everyone in Wake County.


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