Occupy 2.0: Moral Monday Charlotte

Moral Monday made it’s debut in Charlotte yesterday in Marshall Park. Funnily enough, that is the same park the Occupy Charlotte took over and were kicked out of. At first, the organizers thought they might have to move it indoors, but the weather apparently held off for them. The temper tantrum was held from 5pm to 7 pm. Another Moral Monday, with the NC NAACP claiming 500 attended, was held in Burnsville.

These Moral Monday protests, which are really nothing more than Occupy with a new coat of paint and a new logo slapped on the side, took aim at the “Mecklenburg trio”.

During the event, Gene Nichol, director of the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at UNC-Chapel Hill, blasted what he called “the Mecklenburg trio”: McCrory, House Speaker Thom Tillis of Cornelius and Sen. Bob Rucho of Matthews.

The three Republicans, he said, were dedicated “to waging war on poor people and granting more largesse to the wealthiest North Carolinians. Our governor and our General Assembly looked at those strong inequalities and decided to make them deeper.” – News and Observer

Thank you, Gene Nichol, for bringing the tactics and rhetoric of BluePrint NC to the foreground again. We already knew they were involved with Moral Monday, as evidenced by Executive Director Sean Kosofsky being arrested at the June 3rd protest in Raleigh.   Feel free to search and verify that arrest. By the way, like Gene Nichol, Kosofky also is a helpful friend to Occupy.

Moral Mondays rhetoric and tactics are straight out of the BluePrint NC memo anyway:

• “Crippl(e) their leaders (GovMcCrory, House Speaker Tillis, Senate leader Berger etc.)”

• “Eviscerate the leadership and weaken their ability to govern.”

• “Pressure McCrory at every public event.”

• “Slam him when he contradicts his promises.”

Remember, the BluePrint Memo went to their pals and the NC NAACP is one of them.  Read: Blueprint NC’s Kosofsky, ‘It’s Not Ours’..Even Though We Emailed It.

Occupy Charlotte

I’ve demonstrated before that ‘Moral Monday’ as a label has been co-opted by other Occupy and related groups in other cities. Occupy wore out its welcome very quickly and Moral Monday is already trending that way. People lose patience and get tired of being demonized — which is exactly what Moral Monday is doing, by proxy, in attacking majority elected leaders.

As mentioned earlier, Sean Kosofsky of BluePrint NC is friendly with Raleigh Occupy. Kosofsky, however, isn’t the only one at Moral Mondays with Occupy ties in North Carolina. Yesterday’s event was in part organized by a man named Luis Rodriguez.  Rordiguez also shares the experience of being arrested at Moral Monday June 17th. Feel free to look it up.

This is the same Luis Rodriguez who was a co-leader of Occupy Charlotte and had a very public break up with them which was immortalized in a YouTube video.  Michelle Malkin’s blogger Doug Powers wrote about the Charlotte breakup after picking up on the news from Sister Toldjah on Twitter. In the article, Powers highlighted that Rodriguez was leaving for People’s Coalition of the Carolinas, which is essentially just a splinter group of Occupy Charlotte. Now it appears he jumped ship again and joined ActionNC. How long until he breaks up with Moral Monday, I wonder?


The Crowd

They obsess that big turn outs means people give a crap or that it is a sign that all of North Carolina sympathizes with them. Meanwhile, the bulk are the same groups of Lefties that keep recycling through the outrage protest du jour. These echo-chamber captives do draw some new people to it, just like Occupy drew all those young white kids. Now that’s flipped. They’re drawing old white kids.

So, how big was it? Anywhere from a hundreds to 2,000 to even unnamed thousands! I didn’t see the standard headline of ‘biggest crowd yet’ but News and Observer did manage a ‘growing crowds‘ section though. It would seem that instead of ‘biggest crowd yet’, we now have ‘growing crowds’, as evidence by WSOC-TV. We know WRAL is in the tank for Moral Monday – their owner funds half the groups supporting it. I do wonder where the rest got that ‘growing’ theme from though?

Yeah. That figured.

Someone in the crowd threw out an estimate of 2,000 at about 5:45 and it was retweeted by NBC Charlotte. This morning, the News and Observer ran with that 2,000 number. WBTV 3 repeated a similar claim saying ‘thousands’ turned out.  As with Asheville, I have a call in to the Charlotte PD and will update when I get a response.

This is what 2,000 looks like?

Crowd at 5pm via Live Stream feed screen grab from: http://new.livestream.com/JamesFromTheInternet/events/2311543

5:45 pm Occupy Moral Monday at Marshall Park 08/19/13

No, I think it’s likely more around 1,000.  I say that’s probably close, but some like Jennifer Roberts thought hundreds.

The Cray-Cray Pants Pictures And Signs

I’m going to let these speak for themselves and let the hilarity ensue on its own.


I think I might have been slightly wrong about Moral Monday being co-opted or hijacked as part of Occupy 2.0 — they weren’t. Occupy, with the help of unions and the organized Left, pulled an ACORN.

The players are all the same, but their new name is Moral Monday.


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