Occupy 2.0: American Family Values, DLCC and Teamsters

Just when we’ve covered one political action or social justice group affiliated with Big Labor and their resurrection of Occupy, another pops up.

The link goes to an article on the Teamsters website that touts it’s new 501 (4)(c) group that fighting racism ‘voter suppression’ called American Values First.

American Values First (AVF) mailing address is:  1401 K Street NW, Suite 201 Washington, DC 20005 and their EIN: 45-4597145. According to BizPedia, one Elizabeth Gramling is the ‘registered agent’ of this group. The Teamsters were the second largest contributor to AVF with $1,000,000.

Also sharing the address of 1401 K Street NW, Suite 201 Washington DC 20005 is a 527 group named The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC). The EIN for DLCC is 52-1870839. The DLCC is also manned by Elizabeth Gramling. More on Gramling and the DLCC at ZoomInfo. Yes, this is the same Elizabeth Gramling that worked for John Kerry’s ‘Keeping America’s Promise‘. In the 2012 election, the DLCC was the 7th largest contributors to the DNC with $1,016,700.

The number one contributor to DLCC was American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees: $1,720,250.  The United Food & Commercial Workers Union was a million behind at $700,000.

So, the Unions putting up legit looking non-profit sites (Occupy 2.0) to push the minimum wage up while also padding their numbers by pulling in fast food workers are also have started up groups tied to the ‘voter suppression’ narrative.  It would make sense they would go after the one group that stands in their way, ALEC.

Makes you wonder where Moral Monday really came from with all of these Occupy 2.0 and Occupy groups sliding into it with ease. Was that planned?  Maybe. After all, we know the NC version of Moral Monday is straight out of BluePrint NC’s attack memo.  Any way you dissect it, the bottom line is that these protests are not about the issues they purport to be about. They are about money, power and maintaining that power — all the way to the Oval office.


* A word to the wise, be careful when accessing Working America’s Blog. My browser killed a spybot kit that tried to install when I went there. I’d be equally careful when sending them anything as well.

Working America is basically a union and is located at 815 16th St. NW Washington, D.C. 20006 and membership has its benefits.  By the way, the AFL-CIO is also located at that same address.  Moral Monday likes to tout it’s grassroots with no outside agitators yet group after group like Working America and professionals protesters like Carl Gibson keep popping into the picture.

Funnily enough, Liberty Speaks just did an article on Occupy 2.0 related to New Mexico and Moral Monday that included Working America. The top press items in the press room section for Working America were:


UPDATE: Thank you to Sister Toldjah for linking!

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  3. getoffamycloud says:

    What the unions busing in homeless people to different preciints to vote more than once is in jeopardy? . Cry me a river unions. You’re as corrupt as the fake Barber parading around as a Reverend.


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