Occupy 2.0: Santa Fe Edition

Occupy 2.0: Santa Fe Edition  –  By Liberty Speaks

Santa Fe, New Mexico is what some would call the “Jewel of the Southwest” culture.  It boasts some of the best art galleries, restaurants, and historical sites dating back some 300 years. However, over the past couple decades its culture changed from historic “Old Town” allure to the more “Aspen like resort” washing itself with a  liberal vibe and a massive influx of money that ultimately has changed its landscape.    Its highlights are the homes of some of the elite of Hollywood and recently was voted the  5th most Snobby city in the nation, San Francisco being number one.

The northern city in the “Land of Enchantment” also has another notch it can count on its belt.  The posh, southwestern cultural Santa Fe has its own Occupy group.  This encampment began out of solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and, as with all the off shoots of the original OWS, Occupy Santa Fe protested big banks, big oil, and big money.  Occupy Santa Fe think that Bradley manning is a Hero to the cause, Monsanto will destroy the world and anything with the word Nuclear is evil.  Like Occupy Wall Street, they also protested on the raising the minimum wage  in the city.

Santa Fe currently has the second highest minimum wage in the country at $10.51 an hour.  Just like the Snob list, San Fransisco holds the title for number one.  This wage achievement is thanks to an arm of the AFL-CIO called Working America, which has set up shop in New Mexico.  They are currently pushing for a county-wide wage increase to be placed on the ballot for the upcoming election season in New Mexico;  something the Occupy movement has embraced and protested on over the last year.  An article, penned by the left leaning Light Of New Mexico, highlights Ralph Nader’s call  to the Occupy movement to mobilize with the AFL-CIO in raising the minimum wage and speaks of the alliance that may be forged with the large union groups like Working America.

However, it is the connection between Big Labor such as Working America and Occupy Santa Fe regarding ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) that in recent days has been more visible.  Close review of Occupy Santa Fe’s Facebook page does not show any detail of ALEC protests until about January of 2012 and ALEC  was not on the radar of most Occupy groups until about that date.

It has been well documented that the AFL-CIO has endorsed the Occupy movement across the country, seeing potential to align with the groups was outlined in October of 2011 by the Daily Kos. Quoting from that article:

“It’s something of an understatement to say that Working America members have “very little in common in cultural terms” with at least the stereotypical view of the Occupy protester”

However, an alliance was struck anyway.  Big Labor liked what they saw and started to take advantage.  Back in October of 2011, seeing the potential for new avenues of union membership, and of course more Money, the AFL-CIO took out ads on Google,  highlighting  the Occupy movement and sent people directly to a page for the 99% Pledge download.  This was something that Occupy Santa Fe as well as other groups must have gobbled up like activist candy.  Occupy Santa Fe has their own pledge on their Face Book page as well dating from May of 2012

Now fully in bed with Big labor,  the agendas are becoming quite clear on why organizations such as Working America and other social justice groups not unlike the ones Lady Liberty found in North Carolina, are fusing with the local remaining Occupy groups. They want membership and the money that comes with it.  They see the Occupy groups as unorganized and an easy target to co-opt.  This co-opting may not be voluntary.  It seems that perhaps the same thing happening with Occupy Raleigh/Moral Monday is going on with the Occupy movement in New Mexico.  A “high-jacking of sorts”  is going on and the connections mirror the reporting  last week in the article Occupy 2.0: Chicago ALEC Protests have Moral Monday Ties.

Working America is anti -ALEC all the way.  It is a major strong arm of the AFL-CIO and it understands the power of grabbing the attention of the young occupiers.  So they started with the minimum wage debate and went on to what I believe is the true agenda: Destroying ALEC and all it encompasses.

Occupy Santa Fe began embracing the ALEC Protests in January of last year according to their Facebook Page  Their protests,  just like those of Occupy Wall Street, soon took a turn toward chaos and violence.  An example of this takes us back to January of 2012, when protesters stormed a restaurant that was hosting a dinner by the American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC injuring a few people in the melee.

The connection between Working America and Occupy Santa FE became clear that night because according to (un)Occupy Albuquerque the group ProgressNowNM was there during the attack.

 photo 0fa82e30-3369-4c5e-b102-b78e827662be.jpg

One of ProgressNowNM’s key partners is Working America.  You may remember the name ProgressNowNM because of Pat Davis, the organization’s Executive Director. Pat Davis is also Chairman of the board for Albuquerque  Crime Stoppers .  He was arrested back in July for DWI and subsequently stepped down from the Crime Stoppers position out of embarrassment from that arrest.  ProgressNow has been utilizing its BIG MONEY and shadowy tactics against ALEC for some time now.  The Washington Free Beacon has a more in depth description of the organization in this article by CJ Ciaramella:

“ProgressNow, a leader in the leftwing campaign against free-market model legislation organization ALEC, is a shadowy organization funded by millionaires, billionaires, and leftwing philanthropies with the intent of expanding Democratic power.”

The organization also its has claws in North Carolina with Progress NC and has embraced the Moral Monday protests tying in the insidious co-opting of the Occupy movement across the country.  Just like one of ProgressNow’s partners Working America, it too has seized on an opportunity and gained advantage by aligning with the Occupy Movements.  So the hijacking has began.

So, with Occupy 2.0 what is the message the alleged “disenfranchised” youth are attempting to portray this go around?  Who exactly is occupying whom?  The movement hated BIG MONEY, and thought it to be the destruction of the “99%”.  However, it is clear that they are nothing more than sheepish pawns in another type of BIG GOVERNMENT.  Will they wake up and smell the BS the professional agitators and activists are handing out to them?  Will they realize their original message is no longer needed nor valid? Will they understand that they are nothing more than worker ants moving bricks being carefully told how to build a new anthill?  The Occupy Santa Fe Facebook page has a cover that states: I’m Not Just another Brick in the Wall. I took the liberty of making a slight change to that picture, however, I highly doubt they will see the irony

 photo 8a487c2e-b62b-4386-a38f-2120922d4b9c.jpg


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