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More Shiny Objects From Kay Hagan

Senator Hagan? Have the Koch Brothers declared their intent to run in North Carolina? She keep sending me emails about them…

This hypocrisy of Hagan’s is getting a bit tedious, especially when she’s accepted money from all over the country. More of Hagan’s campaign of hate, patterned on Obama’s campaign fundraising strategy: Find a dissenting target, make the people afraid of them and then pump it for all the money you can.
Hagan’s SQUIRREL!!!!

Hagan isn’t stopping with the eeeeevil Koch Brothers — she needs cover on Obamacare. Senator Hagan supported and still supports it 110%. She wants to make sure you don’t ask her about it though. Behold, the same bullshit talking points coming out of the Navigators and the Obama administration: Continue reading

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#NCSEN: More Hagan ‘Out-of-State’ Money Hypocrisy

Yesterday I noted an article in the Daily Haymaker mentioning Kay Hagan attending a fundraiser to assist her in 2014 thrown by Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and contrasted that with Hagan’s obsessive fundraising emails about the Koch brothers and out-of-state money. It seems Hagan had no problem in the past accepting funds from a PAC run by a Japanese holding company too.

Today, let’s talk about American Chemistry Council. They’ve just released an ad praising Hagan and it is running in North Carolina right now. From the American Chemistry Council press page: Continue reading

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#NCSEN: Hagan’s Hypocritical Fundraising

This morning, the Daily Haymaker is running a story called ‘Kay Hagan Takes Manhattan’. My first thought reading the title was of Muppets. I wasn’t far off the mark.


Yes, my friends. If you’re contemplating a run for one of North Carolina’s US Senate seats, the first thing that comes to mind — *naturally* — is heading out of state to campaign. We’ve documented the fact that Thom Tillis took off for DC the first chance he got. Now, it appears that our very own Kay Hagan — affectionately known in many quarters as Chuck Schumer’s Sock Puppet™ – has, like Green Acres’ Eva Gabor, fallen in love with Park Avenue:

Well, well, well… Kay’s hitting up NY Democrats for money? Not really shocked, but it’s definitely worth pointing out her hypocrisy again. You see, Kay is wringing her hands over outside money in NC elections. Especially money that isn’t going to her.

From my inbox just yesterday: Continue reading

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Kay’s Campaign Of Hate

Gone Are The Days Of Running On Accomplishments

Some of us saw the emails that came out of the Obama campaign and the DCCC in 2012. The ones that played upon hate and fear using a stack of falsehoods and in some cases, outright lies. Emails that were designed with one purpose of frightening people into funding the Democrats. Well, it’s campaign time again and NC’s Kay Hagan isn’t just taking a page out of that book of fear and hate, she’s using it as a how-to guide. Continue reading

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