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#CarolinaChaos Returns: 15 Counties in NC have more Registered Voters than Voting Age Citizenry

The number of registered voters in 15 counties in North Carolina surpasses the number of voting age citizens living in them according to a report from Judicial Watch. Continue reading

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NC Board of Elections Dismisses Bladen County Case, Refers to US Attorney Office

This article first appeared at American Lens News on December 5, 2016.     The North Carolina State Board of Elections has ruled that absentee ballots in question in Bladen County will be counted. However, the case is being referred … Continue reading

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Governor McCrory Officially Requests a Recount

 North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has officially requested an official recount according to a letter sent to the state’s board of elections (SBE) on November 18th. Continue reading

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Ballots for Sale – NC Elections Chaos Continues

A formal election protest has been filed with the Bladen County Board of Elections over hundreds of potentially fraudulent ballots.  The ballots in question are absentee ballots.

The protest was filed by Bladen County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor McCrae Dowless, a Democrat. Dowless grew suspicious after he noticed that the write-in candidate in his race for Soil and Water Conservation received a rather high number of votes. Continue reading

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Carolina Chaos, Elections in Doubt

Durham, NC – Chaos has descended on the Durham County Board of Elections following Election Day irregularities. At least one official complaint was filed on November 11, 2016, and the high potential for others could have far-reaching effects across the state.

The alleged issues took place during the entire 17-day early voting period and into Election Day at more than five precincts in Durham County. The complaint lodges an accusation of official misconduct. The number of questionable ballots is estimated at approximately 90,000 and as high as 94,000. As a result, the balance of two top races remains clouded in doubt. Continue reading

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