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March 15th NC Primary Results (State Level)

Last night was a weird night. Some races went totally sideways, some were blow outs and others were close.
See some of the winners, losers and interesting statistics…

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March 15th, 2016 GOP Primary Results

Trump Sweeps all states except Ohio. Cruz a close second in all but Florida. Missouri still too close to call? Rubio drops out?
See the numbers as of this morning..

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Jeb! drops out after doing his damage to Cruz, Rubio

Well most folks are talking about Jeb! dropping out last night. It was good that he did, it was clearly time given his poor showings in Iowa, New Hampshire and now, South Carolina.

I’m more interested in the damage Jeb! did though. Actually, not just Jeb! bit also Kasich and Carson. Let’s do some math. Continue reading

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