Assoc. Editor of Charlotte Observer pens Common Core Politization Piece

The associate editor of the Charlotte Observer is a clueless Common Core Propaganda pawn. I’m linking the NCspin posting of an ‘article’ by Fannie Flono because I won’t give the Charlotte Observer traffic for this egregiously incorrect piece of what can only be called propaganda. Dr. Atkinson would call this ‘bearing false witness‘, except she peddles the same lines.

Maybe Flono should stick to writing on  “news, politics, and life in The Carolinas“. Flono is an ‘opinion’ writer, but anyone in North Carolina knows that in the News and Observer and Charlotte Observer, they write opinion to read like it is fact. Rarely in the last year has there been an article in local media that has dug into the truth about Common Core instead of parroting supporter talking points. This one was no different. So, again, I call the bias out.

Read the piece here.

I left a comment at the bottom of the article. I’ve also reposted that comment below. I’d like especially to call attention to the fact Ms. Flono closes her article with this line:

“Still, whether you agree with Common Core or not, the debate should start with and rely on facts – not politicized fiction.”

It would seem this Associate Editor has adopted the very same tactic/talking point that both Fordham’s Petrilli and Rep. Cotham, Rep. Brandon and Sen. Parmon have which is labeling pushback as being political or politicizing.  Coincidence? Probably not. The only one putting forth ‘political fiction’ here is Ms. Flono. By the way, Flono seems fine with a Cotham run for Superintendent. Rep. Cotham still hasn’t answered my question.

My Comment:

Dear Ms. Flono,
Your article is riddled with misinformation. In fact, it’s flat out Core propaganda.

You wrote:

“Alas, no moment of clarity came from the moderator at Davidson College as all four of the GOP candidates perpetuated the falsehood that the Common Core standards program is a federal initiative taking away control of education from the states. Not true, not true, not true. Did I say not true? It’s not true.”

You’re the one perpetrating a falsehood here. Follow the money. The FEDERAL Race To The Top Funds were a clear carrot dangled in front of states that required the adoption of Common Core. Where did the Race To The Top Money come from? The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) — better known as the stimulus. These funds required states accepting said funds adopt Common Core as part of the deal. The history of this FEDERAL bribe is located here:

You wrote:
“GOP N.C. Sen. Jerry Tillman spouted the same nonsense Thursday as a state legislative panel recommended that the state ditch Common Core for its own education standards. Said Tillman: “This bill puts education back where the Constitution says it belongs – in the hands of North Carolina,” It never left N.C. hands.”

Ma’am, with all due respect – this is not true. The standards are copyrighted by the Natl. Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. North Carolina has NO control over them. We cannot change them and must adhere to them 100% as is part of the agreement Bev Perdue and June Atkinson entered into. We can add only 15% of new material – that 15% will not be tested on.
You wrote:
“In fact, the idea of common core standards was largely a Republican one, designed to help provide needed accountability for Bush’s signature initiative, No Child Left Behind.”

Again, no ma’am. Democrat and Former Governor Jim Hunt of our own state of NC was instrumental in developing the idea that would named down the road as Common Core. The National Governor’s association was majority republican, but the Council of Chief State School officers was hardly majority Republican. Those are the two responsible for the standards, along with Governor Sonny Perdue, a Republican. At best, the standards were formed Bipartisanly.
You wrote:
“The Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association coordinated a state-led effort to develop the Common Core state standards. It was designed through a collaboration among teachers, school chiefs, administrators and other experts.”

No proof of this has been put forth to date. Just the opposite has been proven if you look at the standards writing committee. In fact, that phrasing is nearly identical to the Common Core website.
You wrote:
“The standards do not – I repeat – do not set up a one-size-fits-all mandated national curriculum. Nor do they spell out how or what teachers should teach. What the initiative does do is lay out what concepts students are expected to know at each grade level.”

Yes, they are. How else do you describe the same skill sets for every single child handed down by two DC trade organizations and made mandatory by accepting government grants?
Yes, they do spell out what teachers teach — Standards drive tests and curriculum. They are inextricably tied to one another. That’s fact. If they aren’t how do you account for the same “new math” problems and methods being employed in every state? Answer: The standards dictating a scripted curriculum.

You Wrote:
“Still, whether you agree with Common Core or not, the debate should start with and rely on facts – not politicized fiction.”

Ah, I see you’ve adopted the new talking point — “politicization”.
Thanks for letting us know what side your on, and it’s not North Carolina’s.



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