Paging Senator Tom Udall…Grass Roots Calling

by Liberty Speaks LS

Something I have noticed in New Mexico regarding it’s politicians is they are particularly difficult to unseat.  It seems the only way to get them out of office is if they have term limits, and sometimes that only keeps them out for a couple of years.  I am hoping that our Senator will be the exception to that slow-moving ‘Land of Enchantment’ rule this time around.

Tom Udall was elected to the US Senate along with a tsunami of Democrats winning office during the ‘Oh My God We Hate Bush and the Republicans’ election year in 2008.   He became part of the Democratic Super Majority led Senate and the ‘Fundamental Change’ of our great country.   New Mexico is now paying that price; slow job growth, tens of thousands loosing their health care to the ACA, low wages and high poverty.  The state feels more like the ‘Land of Entrapment’.

However, there are a few things that give me hope that New Mexico may have a new Senator come November 4, 2014.

First, two challengers have emerged to take Udall on.  David Clements and Allen Weh.  Clements is the Dona Ana County Assistant District Attorney and Republican Chairman for the county, and Weh is Chief Executive Officer of CSI Aviation, a local business in Albuquerque.  Both men qualified for the primary ballot and both seem able, competent and ready for the challenge that is ahead of them.  We will see who comes out victorious after the June 3rd primary

The second thing that is giving me hope is a couple of grass roots websites have popped up on the radar here in New Mexico.  One in particular stands out.  It has a southwestern appeal, is simple and clear in its message and the title says it all..

Does New Mexico Know Udall?

I found the site after a post was shared on a Stop Common Core NM face book page regarding the Common Core video “Building the Machine” and the connection with Udall’s support of  “Race to the Top”.  I had to see what the site had to offer and I was pleased to see it deals with New Mexico specific topics.  The questions being asked on the pages keep the reader engaged, and the reader has no choice but to ask the same questions:

  • Do you know Tom Udall?
  • Did you know who donates to his war chest?
  • Do you know he was voted most liberal and most progressive in the Senate?
  • Do you know he wanted a “single payer” health care system?
  • Do you know he sent a letter to IRS urging targeting of Conservative groups?


The other grass-roots website is a whole other ball game.  It offers bold information and opinion on our senator with strong Libertarian and Constitutional principles. It hits home on a National level.  This site could very well be about any Democrat running for re-election this fall.

Does Tom Udall Represent You?

“This website is intended for New Mexico registered voters who plan to vote in the 2014 elections. It is for voters looking for background information on important issues Americans face today. The site is designed to profile New Mexico Senator Tom Udall who always votes more partisan than he campaigns.”

Both sites show a very different view of the Senator.  One I am sure he may not want.

Since I have lived in New Mexico for over half of my life, these questions as well as many others regarding our Senator are in my mind.  I know what my answers are, but I am guessing many in New Mexico do not.   The current polling data shows Udall with a 55% approval, 33% disapproval, and 15% are not sure.   Both Weh and Clements show at 33% against Udall.  I am hoping that sites like these keep popping up and start to drive that 55% down.  With 15% of the voters not sure about Tom Udall maybe a little grass-roots effort can ease that confusion.  We will see.  I myself, am hopeful.


Update: Thank you to Doug Ross for linking!


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