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How DARE Gov. McCrory….

How dare Governor McCrory meet the demand of raising teacher starting pay in NC?
I mean, jeez — who does this guy think he is by actually fulfilling a request that has been harped on by multiple (and some anonymously backed) teacher pay ‘advocacy’ groups? Continue reading

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Organize2020 Happy To Answer Questions.. Other Than Who Tweets For Them

In the space of a week NCAE’s protest arm, Organize2020, went from ‘happy to answer questions’ to hurling insults when I asked one they didn’t want to answer. Specifically, I asked who I was talking to in our first conversation. Continue reading

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NCAE Using Schools As “Day Of Action” Sites Again?

The NCAE is back in our schools again, attempting to stage another “day of action” by pushing their “Decline to Sign” campaign on school campuses according to an email obtained by Carolina Plott Hound. The Carolina Plott Hound has a link to the email that came from the Principal at the Durham School of the Arts. Continue reading

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NCAE’S ‘Member Led’ Organize2020 Denies Forming Aim Higher NC

On January 31st, I received an unsolicited offer to answer questions from the NCAE’s member-led protest arm, Organize2020. This offer to answer questions came on Twitter. I happened to be online when Organize20202 tweeted to me… Continue reading

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AIM HIGHER NC Refuses To Name Backers

A website containing a letter urging people to sign a petition to raise teacher pay was pushed yesterday in Charlotte. The website is for a nonprofit group called Aim Higher NC. Ann Helms of the Your Schools blog on the Charlotte Observer notes there isn’t much information as to who this group is or who funds them. A little digging found a Raleigh Tax lawyer filed their incorporation paperwork and a participant in the events has ties to Organize2020, the protest arm of the NCAE that made a stir with their union promoting website and protest propaganda flyer sent home with kids in November of 2013. Continue reading

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WRAL Report Excludes Obvious NCAE Ties

Well, local media is now on the Walk In Story. That’s good and bad.

Here’s the good:

Teachers taking this thing back are getting a forum with parents in their communities to discuss crucial points of interest that impacts them in their specific schools. Take Holly Ridge Elementary for example. They’ve put up their own independent site taking charge and setting the record straight. Holly Ridge apparently heard the criticisms from parents on the original messaging delivery is owning this their way. GOOD. BRAVO!

Here’s the bad:

Per normal, the local outlets are glossing over some of the details in an effort to be expedient. That’s a nice way of saying covering the rear ends of certain involved parties like the NCAE and their “member led” Organize 2020.

NCAE President Rodney Ellis spent his day in front of the media explaining a non-controversial walk-in on Monday… http://t.co/7LlZxneNdA

— ncae (@ncae) November 1, 2013

Reminder: Send those completed petitions to Larry Nilles, c/o Wake NCAE, 3900 Merton Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27609
WRAL does a nice job of completely excluding that association in this report:

@wral Your Walk In video doesn’t mention clear NCAE Organize2020’s social media involvement. http://t.co/33DZXdbxjC pic.twitter.com/POpJLRpJz7 — LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) November 2, 2013 Continue reading

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Holly Ridge ‘Walk In’ Reclaimed From Political Tug Of War

An update in the ‘Walk In’ flyer story:

I was sent a link to a website: http://hollyspringswalkin.weebly.com/

The text is as follows:

There have been many recent inaccuracies reported about this coming Monday’s events scheduled. This page will serve as a basic source of information to alleviate any political involvement or affiliation.

The goal for November 4th is to bring together parents and teachers along with other community members to have a positive conversation about our children and education.

Here is what we are planning in Holly Springs:

At Holly Ridge Elementary…
Teachers will meet outside of the school at 8:30 AM and walk in together at 8:45 with the bell

For all Holly Springs Schools…
Meet at Holly Grove campus at 4:30
Walk to Holly Springs High School
Meet with parents and teachers to discuss these three main questions: Continue reading

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