NC Parents, Who Is Teaching Your Child?

Dr. Terry Stoops over at John Locke has an article revolving around a particular teacher who is familiar to readers of this blog: Todd Warren.

Go read Stoop’s article, Teacher promotes truancy, student walk outs.  His assessment of the situation is spot on.

The media in North Carolina has consistently portrayed Mr. Warren as ‘just a teacher’. He’s not.

I’ve countered that several times, including in my recent article on SB 480 which blocks political activity in our public schools.

Relevant excerpt:

The News and Record continued:

Todd Warren, a Spanish teacher at Guilford Elementary School, said the bill is “a solution in search of a problem.”

“I don’t think that anything that Guilford County Schools does now is political campaigning,” Warren said. “What they have done is messages that are education campaigns, but they’re not advocating for anything.”

What the News and Record fails to tell you is that Todd Warren isn’t just some ‘Spanish teacher’.

Warren is a far left socialist, Moral Monday Arrestee, Occupying kinda guy. He is also one of the leaders of the NCAE’s protest arm, “Organize 2020″.

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