NCAE Using Schools As “Day Of Action” Sites Again?

The NCAE is back in our schools again, attempting to stage another “day of action” by pushing their “Decline to Sign” campaign on school campuses according to an email obtained by Carolina Plott Hound. The Carolina Plott Hound has a link to the email that came from the Principal at the Durham School of the Arts. This is the relevant excerpt:

#Decline2Sign Day of Action at DSA (part of a statewide event)
Wednesday February 5th 8-8:30 am in the atrium of the new building  Hear from a panel of DSA’s talented teachers, their stories in their own words  How are the state legislature’s recent policy changes affecting us personally and
Presentation of a letter signed by close to 100% of instructional staff “declining to sign” the 4-year contract/bonus offer to be tendered to 25% of eligible staff at  each school, to be received by a member of the school board  Show your support for your colleagues, teachers and children’s teachers.
Everyone wear “RED FOR ED”!

How many other schools received this information and pushed it back out in email to parents?

Look, I’m all for teachers pushing to increase their pay. I’m behind them in wanting to reinstate their frozen step-raises. However, as I’ve said before – keep these politically charged agenda items OUT of our schools and away from the kids.

We’re still waiting to see the “Red for Ed” come out in opposition to the Common Core which directly negatively impacts students and teachers alike. The cost of which will end up landing on the taxpayers and likely throw a wrench into the education budget. Translated: pay and supplies are probably on the block first. Figure it out, NY did.

Meanwhile, the NCAE sit silent on Common Core.   With 2011-2012 gross receipts over $9.8 million, why are they organizing stunts like this in our schools?  Who do they really represent? Teachers or their own political agenda?

Decline to Sign = Walk-In Part Two?

Last Fall, the NCAE, via their protest arm Organize2o20, attempted to hold a day of action in North Carolina schools by staging a “Walk-in”.  Flyers (pictured below) went home the backpacks of students that touted the Organize2020 website.  Contained in the Organize2020 mission statement was the ultimate goal of unionizing. My own child brought one of these home; the organizers that used this flyer attempted to detach themselves from Organize2020, yet had the NCAE Wake County president and a Moral Monday attendee kick off their meeting, which was held after school hours.  For a refresher, on the walk-in event, check this post.


At the time of the Walk-In, NCAE denied their direct involvement, even though the petition associated with it was to be sent back to NCAE Wake county president Larry Nilles. Since then the NCAE has embraced its member-led protest faction. Scroll to the end of this article for more details on the NCAE and Organize2020.

Durham School of the Arts participated in the Walk-In too. Here’s the State Senator McKissick, railing about politics on the steps of the school:

Durham School of the Arts. State Sen. Floyd McKissick criticized the education policies passed by his Republican colleagues during the statewide #WalkIn4Ed. Photo: Lisa Sorg, Independent Weekly

It would appear that the “Decline to Sign” is more of the same and Carolina Plotthound links to the “Decline to Sign – Guide to organizing your building“.  The final paragraph of which says this:

One Final Note
Organizing is hard work. If it was easy, teachers wouldn’t be in this situation. Stick with it and keep your commitments. People will respect you and be willing to come along in the future. If you
have any questions or need any support, please contact your local association president and/or email

So basically, NCAE = Organize2020.

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  2. The Principal of Madison High, Steve Bowlin, reportedly forwarded the NCAE e-mail “Decline To Sign Campaign” on to employees on Jan. 27.


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