How DARE Gov. McCrory….

How dare Governor McCrory meet the demand of raising teacher starting pay in NC?

I mean, jeez — who does this guy think he is by actually fulfilling a request that has been harped on by multiple (and some anonymously backed) teacher pay ‘advocacy’ groups? Here’s one from CarolinaCAN via Ann Helms Your Schools blog:

“The first step to attracting and retaining excellent teachers in North Carolina is increasing base pay enough to make the profession competitive with teaching in nearby states and to put it at least in the ballpark of the other professions competing for top college graduates,”  the report says,  citing a cost of $187.2 million for a 4 percent raise.

New teachers with a bachelor’s degree currently start at $30,800 on the state pay scale,  though many districts supplement that.  The CarolinaCAN plan calls for bumping that to $36,000 by 2016,  which would move North Carolina ahead of South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee if those states make no change.

Gee, McCrory came pretty close to that raising the base entry-level from $30,800 to $35,000. That salary number is not including any supplements added to the salary by the local district. By the way, why haven’t we heard any complaining about the supplement scales or the large salaries of Superintendents from these groups?

They’re outraged that the Governor would start to raise teacher pay in NC and start with entry-level pay scales. Wouldn’t it likely follow that a “start’ means that more might be on the way?

Raleigh, N.C. – Governor Pat McCrory, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest, Senate Leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Thom Tillis announced on Monday a unified strategy to make North Carolina’s starting teacher salaries among the highest in the Southeast. This is the first step in their shared commitment to improve teacher and state employee salaries.

My.. God.. A FIRST step…The..Horror!

Seriously, almost spitting in the face of this deal been the reaction of the NC Democrats and their Moral Monday/Blueprint NC sockpuppet groups. Also, anonymously run teachers groups, who in the end admit this is a good first start:

That sentiment didn’t last long, because it’s still the GOP’s fault Bev Perdue froze teacher pay… or something:

That last line cracked me up. This from the outfit who wants to unionize in NC and won’t tell me who runs their Twitter account or who I am speaking with.

It apparently escapes the attention of media and these groups that pay was frozen five (almost 6) years ago by Bev Perdue who knew her budgets were a joke and left NC teetering on financial ruin. Five years ago, NC was ranked 25th in the country in teacher pay. Perdue froze teacher pay at about the same time. Hello? Not a coincidence we slid down the list after that.  It’s up to Republicans now to clean up Perdue’s mess and when they do, they get eviscerated, slammed and crippled for their attempts. That’s not a bug, that’s a feature.

This administration is on the record as saying this is a “first step”. They don’t make any more steps? Fire away. However, slamming them for actually fulfilling a repeated demand is just disgusting demagoguery, or as Pete Kaliner points out, all they have left is to lie.



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