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For Occupy Monday, Math Is Hard

Math is not really an interpretive study. However, Reverend Barber, the defacto leader of the NC Democrats seems to think it is. Barber is welcome to his own opinion on taxes and the budget, but not his own facts.

Barber’s theme of a recent News and Observer Op-Ed was ‘eat the rich’ and to attack the new tax code, which has been hailed as a 4th best in the country and and it ‘blows away other states’ and brings NC from 44th to 17th in the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index. Barber thinks his math is better though:

But the General Assembly created this year’s so-called budget crisis by passing hefty tax breaks for the wealthiest and the corporations last year. If our lawmakers found the courage to repeal the unfair tax policies, we would gain up to $1.2 billion in additional revenue.”

That “hefty tax break for the wealthiest” is the same “hefty tax break” for every North Carolinian – we’ve gone to a 5.8% flat rate. The corporations rate was originally 6.9%, it’s now 6%. OH THE HUMANITY! We might actually attract businesses and jobs!!! Barber doesn’t even mention our sales tax of 4.75%, which is lower than the national average of 5.95% or our property tax average with ranks 12th lowest nationally. They, and the fact most voters approve of the changes, don’t fit the narrative of eat the rich though. So pfffft!
Quick Reminder, Barber said his budget was ‘revenue neutral’ before he said it would bring in $1.2 billion: Continue reading

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Occupy Monday 6/23/14 Edition: Sit-In. Stand-In. Teach-In. Plan-In. Pray-In.

It’s Monday. Time to Occupy again.

Last week’s edition: Occupy Monday 6/16/14 Edition: Workers ‘Rights’ and Occupy Monday 6/16/14 Arrests

Let’s recap what Occupy Monday is about and why it will die just like regular Occupy:

#MoralMonday has 2 goals: beat the snot out of republicans, even if they’re right and expand big gov’t in every direction possible.

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) June 23, 2014

#MoralMonday is nothing more than a Leftist temper tantrum at being out of power; it’s occupy reborn and it will die just like the original. — LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) June 23, 2014

Why will #MoralMonday die like occupy? Because you don’t gain control over the self at the cost of another or by the hand of big gov.

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) June 23, 2014

On To The Sit-In. Stand-In. Teach-In. Plan-In. Pray-In.

Today’s Occupy was no different from any other. The title of this one was “Sit-In. Stand-In. Teach-In. Plan-In. Pray-In.” We saw standing, questionable teaching, some praying but the sitting and planning part -?

Keep reading… Hilarity and Pirates ahead. Continue reading

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Occupy Monday – The Final Countdown

Diminishing returns. That’s Occupy Monday in a nutshell right now.

Turn out has been low and that’s being kind. Multiple arrestees had some nasty prior records. The public is tuning out their ‘big government is the answer, Amen!’ schtick. Local media coverage less than enthusiastic — even from the official Occupy Monday outlet, WRAL. National media has pretty much blown them off.

Maybe it’s the increasingly radical, hyperbolic rhetoric or perhaps it is because Moral Monday has truly morphed into what I’ve said it was all along: A revival of Occupy. It certainly would seem so given the announcement (scroll down)– “teach-in”. That’s very Occupyish. About the only things missing now are a drum circle, Mic-checks and someone relieving themselves in public.

Well we’re coming up on the final Moral Monday… we hope.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Occupy Monday 6/16/14 Edition: Workers ‘Rights’

It’s Monday. Time to Occupy again.
This week’s protest brought to you by Unions. Workers rights are human rights, ya’ll. Expect buses. Lots of them.

Along with workers, Occupy Monday has added the poor, women AND people of color.

Very ‘big tent’ of them to specify which sections of society are allowed to have a complaint today. The rest of the taxpayers? Not so much. We just foot their bill.

Keep Reading… Continue reading

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NC Dems Officially Endorse Occupy Monday

Reverend Barber is officially the leader of the NC Democrat Party now. The NC Democrats made an official resolution to support Moral Monday rallies. I am sure the few remaining centrists within the NC Dem party are thrilled. The more irrelevant they become, the more irrelevant and extremist they make themselves. I’m reminded of a quote:

“If you think shrinking government and getting it less involved in your life is a hallmark of tyranny it is only because you are either grotesquely ignorant or because you subscribe to a statist ideology that believes the expansion of the state is the expansion of liberty.”
― Jonah Goldberg

Via NC GOP: Continue reading

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Occupy Monday Agenda Would Cost $7 Billion To Fund

The Occupy Monday movement led by Defacto leader of the NC Democrats have been making a lot of demands. Bigger government intrusion, more spending, and desires for items without a thought to the budget North Carolina has to work with.

Barber describes these demands as his “Five Point Moral Framework”. Don’t be drinking anything when you read the list below.

Secure pro-labor, anti-poverty policies that ensure economic sustainability
Provide well-funded public education for all
Promote healthcare for all, including affordable access, the expansion of Medicaid, women’s health and environmental justice in every community
Address the inequalities in the criminal justice system and ensure equality under the law for every person regardless of race, class, creed, documentation or sexual preference
Protect and expand voting rights, immigrant rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights and equal protection under the law
In a nutshell, the same demands made by Occupy Wall Street. Broad and vague with absolutely no specifics. That is a feature, not a bug in the design.

Rev. Barber’s demands would effectively erase all strides made to close the budget shortfall left behind by former Goveror Perdue. The demands add up to roughly $7 billion according to Senator Phil Berger’s office. See the statement to the press below: Continue reading

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Occupy Monday 6/9/14 Edition: Kids as Props

It’s Monday. Time to Occupy again.

This week it’s about Education. Specifically it looks like they are targeting school choice. Ironically, the same vouchers Occupy Monday are complaining about are specifically for low income students — the very people they claim to be protesting for.

The NC NAACP wasted no time in using kids as props for their flyer. This includes the Defacto Leader of the NC Democrats posing with a child with special needs to promote his agenda: Continue reading

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