Occupy Monday 6/16/14 Edition: Workers ‘Rights’

It’s Monday. Time to Occupy again.

Last week’s edition: Occupy Monday 6/9/14 Edition: Kids as Props

This week’s protest brought to you by Unions. Workers rights are human rights, ya’ll. I’d expect buses. Probably lots of them.

Along with workers, Occupy Monday has added the poor, women AND people of color.

Very ‘big tent’ of them to specify which sections of society are allowed to have a complaint today. The rest of the taxpayers? Not so much. We just foot their bill.

Wonder how many will get arrested given the NC NAACP has sued and an activist Judge has put a temporary restraining order in place on the NC General Assembly rules. Look for those arm-ribbons on the protesters, folks. No one gets arrested at these things that doesn’t want to be.

Stop back by later this afternoon for a link to the Tweets for the 6/16/14 edition. Update: Link to Occupy Monday 6/16/14’s Tweet via Storify will be HERE when available.

Paid to protest. Bused in. Laying the astroturf on thick.


Pre-game has begun. As predicted, buses are headed to Raleigh.

There were more ‘bused in’ tweets like the ones above, like this one here .  I figured there would be, given this is a Union driven Occupy Monday and the big dogs are tweeting in order to create an “imminent disturbance”:


DEFINE… Crowd.

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  1. Bunch of idiots wandering around looking for free stuff.


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  3. sam says:

    Poor, poor stupid people.


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