Occupy Monday 6/23/14 Edition: Sit-In. Stand-In. Teach-In. Plan-In. Pray-In.

Occupy Monday Starring Rev Barber


It’s Monday. Time to Occupy again.

Last week’s edition: Occupy Monday 6/16/14 Edition: Workers ‘Rights’ and Occupy Monday 6/16/14 Arrests

15 people were arrested. I’ll have a separate rundown of this in the morning.

Let’s recap what Occupy Monday is about and why it will die just like regular Occupy:


On To The Sit-In. Stand-In. Teach-In. Plan-In. Pray-In.

Today’s Occupy was no different from any other. The title of this one was “Sit-In. Stand-In. Teach-In. Plan-In. Pray-In.” We saw standing, questionable teaching, some praying but the sitting and planning part -?

There was of course a lot of hypocrisy, calls for more spending, ridiculous signs, big government as our Saviour and Occupy staples like “teach-ins”.   That “teach-in” consisted of showing people how to register others to vote.

Given the recent protesters who were arrested had multiple prior criminal records among them, I’d think twice about letting an Occupy Monday person register you to vote.

Behold, the “fierce urgency of NOW”… or something.

Recurring themes included non-workers, foreign non-workers, something about mental health and the introduction of costumes.We’ll get to the costumes bit a later on.

Also in today’s mob rule demonstration, were tweets that can only be described as hostile. Including one person who called me a bitch. I’m also paid to do it. I wish! Hey, #WarOnWomen from the “big tent” party:

We were treated to a shot of the “Summer Organizers:

Did the Occupiers bring their pot and weapons this time? Bob wants to know:

Let’s head to Twitter for more of the highlights. View my Storify article for a full run down of the activity on Twitter, including tweets from citizens who are fed up with Moral Monday circus.

One of the themes today was non-workers… and pirate costumes:

And now for a trip BACK to reality:

For all the tweets captured, visit my Storify article.

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