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NC Special June 2016 Primary Results – #ncpol

Yesterday was the special June primary. This is a winner take all primary with no run-off in the Congressional races.

There were 505,687 ballots cast out of 6,584,959 registered voters. Full statistics and results can be viewed at the State Board of Elections website.


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The Horror: Rep. George Holding TRAVELED. – #NC02

Folks, there’s a real horror story in the NC-02 race. Brace yourselves.

Rep. George Holding… TRAVELED.

Good luck trying to read the documents Rep. Ellmers links to. You’ll need a magnifying glass. Continue reading

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Really Renee?

Congresswoman Ellmers’ record on education is spotty at best, and at worst, hypocritical.

With Common Core killing the love of learning and the US Dept of Ed dictating what students can pee in what facilities — where is Rep. Ellmers? NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.

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I think Jim Duncan Just Called Renee Ellmers a Chicken, Ba-gok! [VIDEO] – #NC02 #NCPOL

Submitted without comment other than to say, HEH.
WATCH THE VIDEO…. Continue reading

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Duncan Picks Up Endorsement from Erick Erickson – #NC02 #NCpol

Things are heating up in NC-02. Renee Ellmers still has not one, not two, but three challengers.

One of the challengers, Jim Duncan, has just picked up a nice endorsement from Erick Erickson. You’ve probably seen him in CNN here and there and Erickson was the former editor and chief of RedState.

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