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Media Can’t Even Leave Christmas Decorations Alone

Christmas decorations are the latest attack on the Trump White House by media. Continue reading

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WRAL’s NC Capitol Account Issues Apology Over “Accidental” Tweet

Yesterday, this site reported on the WRAL affiliated NC Capitol Twitter account’s retweet of a Tweet by the North Carolina Democratic party.

The account later that afternoon issued an apology. Continue reading

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NC Media Outlets Ledes on Recent #HB2 Ruling Mislead Citizens

Here’s a challenge for the reader: Name a news outlet in North Carolina (and beyond) that didn’t have a misleading lede on the recent House Bill 2 (HB2) ruling by Judge Schroeder.

I saw about ten headlines on Friday after Judge Schroeder’s ruling that implied that HB2’s facility privacy section had been blocked statewide.

No, it’s not. Continue reading

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A Round Of Applause For The Lt. Governor – VIDEO #HB2

I’d like to have a round of applause for the Lt. Governor. He continues to hit the media on it’s slanted HB2 coverage.

Here’s a clip of the one question that aired in a 30 minute long interview with ABC11. Continue reading

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NC Media Can’t Count: #HB2 Edition

From the News and Observer to ABC 11, the NC media has proven time and again they can’t count or really even estimate well.

While our media reported continually on the ‘biggest Moral Monday ever’ each time one of their rallies was held, the media wasn’t so interested in a huge crowd gathered in Raleigh in support of HB 2. Continue reading

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The Corporate Hypocrisy on #HB2

Predictably, the LGBT community has once again made something all about them. No, this is about me, my neighbor — everyone in the state.

Equality NC is positively giddy at the prospect that 80.. no, sorry, 120 businesses have signed their complaint letter.
Yes, sign it, or else. You will be made to care. Continue reading

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NC Lt. Governor Doesn’t Take Media Spin Lying Down – #nced #ncpol

Gotta love Lt. Governor Dan Forest. He’s been a straight shooter since day one and continues to be. Even in the face of clear media bias and spin, he refuses to back down.

Forest predicted at the January State Board of Education meeting that the media would use this report in a spintastic way.

Dr. Terry Stoops noted that Forest said the report would, “the fuel the media uses for the next year to criticize whatever we’re doing.”

The Lt. Governor’s predication came true.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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