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Rep. Jackson Finds Protecting NC Women and Children ‘immoral’ and ‘offensive’ – #ncga

In my Inbox (see below) — A message from Rep. Darren Jackson (D, NC 39-Wake) who sides with the dangerous Charlotte Ordinance and is apparently uninterested in protecting North Carolina’s women and children.

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NC Governor Slaps POTUS Around on Refugee Invited to SOTU – #NCpol #Trololo

NC Governor Slaps POTUS Around on Refugee Invited to SOTU…

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NC Dems Officially Endorse Occupy Monday

Reverend Barber is officially the leader of the NC Democrat Party now. The NC Democrats made an official resolution to support Moral Monday rallies. I am sure the few remaining centrists within the NC Dem party are thrilled. The more irrelevant they become, the more irrelevant and extremist they make themselves. I’m reminded of a quote:

“If you think shrinking government and getting it less involved in your life is a hallmark of tyranny it is only because you are either grotesquely ignorant or because you subscribe to a statist ideology that believes the expansion of the state is the expansion of liberty.”
― Jonah Goldberg

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Alamance County Dem’s #WarOnWomen?

Here at Lady Liberty 1885, we get all kinds of comments. Some supportive, some constructive, some humorous and then we have the rather vile and nasty.

I’ve been sitting on writing about a set of comments for a while now made by one individual, I don’t really believe in exposing personal information about people who comment here. Having said that, this person needs exposing.

I’ve been called a “teabilly” and an “asshole” by none other than Democrat William Franklin, current parlimentarian for the North Carolina Senior Democrats, long time member of the Alamance Democrat Party and was 2nd Vice Chair for Alamance in 2012. Franklin is also a member of the Democrat State Executive Committee (SEC). You might remember him sticking up for David Parker during that messy sexual harassment scandal — read Franklin’s SEC letter defending Parker here. Note at the bottom, the email address matches the comments made here at LL1885 blog:

Bill Franklin
SEC Member, Alamance County
2nd Vice Chair, 6th Democratic Congressional District

William A. Franklin
806 Warwick Court
Burlington, NC 27215

So, after a sexual harassment scandal hits his party not so long ago, Franklin’s moved on to a war on women bloggers? How fitting.

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#DM7 Article: Primary Shenanigans In NC

There are primary shenanigans going on in North Carolina.
Get a whiff of what true desperation smells like. I’ve written about various candidates and a school official promoting the idea of Democrats switching their party affiliation to independent in order to influence the upcoming primary races in Cabarrus county. Now it’s going on in Rowan county too. Continue reading

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#DM7 Article: NC Dems Continue Marching Further Left

My latest Magnificent 7 article is now available. The original is located here at Da Tech Guy Blog.


NC Dems Continue Marching Further Left

The North Carolina Democratic Party has had yet another shake up. No, Randy Voller isn’t apologizing for another rape remark, but it does involve him. Chairman Voller has fired manager Robert Dempsey after only nine months on the job, citing ‘personnel issues’. The last personnel issue we saw surrounding Voller was the resignation of Nina Slzosberg-Landis, who took issue with the direction Voller would take the party as well as the methods he used. Members of his own party then called for his resignation. Continue reading

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