Alamance County Dem’s #WarOnWomen?

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Here at Lady Liberty 1885, we get all kinds of comments. Some supportive, some constructive, some humorous and then we have the rather vile and nasty.

I’ve been sitting on writing about a set of comments for a while now made by one individual, I don’t really believe in exposing personal information about people who comment here. Having said that, this person needs exposing.

I’ve been called a “teabilly” and an “asshole” by none other than  Democrat William Franklin, current parlimentarian for the North Carolina Senior Democrats, long time member of the Alamance Democrat Party and was 2nd Vice Chair for Alamance  in 2012. Franklin is also a member of the Democrat State Executive Committee (SEC).  You might remember him sticking up for David Parker during that messy sexual harassment scandal —  read Franklin’s SEC letter defending Parker here. Note at the bottom, the email address matches the comments made here at LL1885 blog:

Bill Franklin
SEC Member, Alamance County
2nd Vice Chair, 6th Democratic Congressional District

William A. Franklin
806 Warwick Court
Burlington, NC 27215

So, after a sexual harassment scandal hits his party not so long ago, Franklin’s moved on to a war on women bloggers? How fitting.

At first, I didn’t know it was Franklin. The first comment was under a pseudonym with a phony email. The second time, he messed up and left a real email and name, likely unaware his IP was the same.  A WHOIS confirmed the IP is from Earthlink in the Triad vicinity – consistent with both Franklin’s Burlington physical and email address.

The first nasty comment came from “Nelson Finley” last year:

nelson Finley

LL is one of the more vicious Teabilly sites I have had the pleasure to visit. The “voter ID” thing is phony, a solution looking for a problem. The lies told over this by the Teabillies, including Deputy Asst Governor McCrory and the mafia at the legislature are legion. Get a life.

Then this one at the beginning of 2014 from W.A. Franklin. Note the IP is the same as Finley:

W. A. Franklin

Let’s see, it is well for thousands of Teabilly morons, paid for by Koch brothers to rampage around the country, but not for something call “unions”. The lack of unions in NC derives direction from the panic of well off whites over the possibility that poor whites and blacks would find common actionable causes against these white supremacists. Post WWII, the mill lords and tobacco kings worked hard to set up right to work in NC, affiliated with the Taft Hartley Act. And they used machine guns. dogs, national guard, kill union people for exercising their freedom of speech. You are so damned ignorant you must hurt.

Here’s the comment I processed today:


No, you are just a flaming Teabilly asshole.

Update – Note: Mr. Franklin’s Facebook page has similar “teabilly” language. If this is NOT Mr. Franklin commenting on my blog, I invite him to say so. I have a screen cap of this comment. Here is the text:

William Franklin commented on a link.
As we are directed by the Teabilly Circus and Pope/McCroney crowds in Raleigh, we are not to ask questions of these people who have been canonized by Chamber of Commerce and its crazies, Duke Energy and its serfs, and lots of big money (think Kochs). All they are trying to do is grab theirs, and your, and get away clean. There is NOT one iota of civic responsibility in the entire lot and their filthy cohort. Just keep voting republican and lets bury this state quick.

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