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NC Supt., NCGA Win Power Struggle Case Involving State Board of Education

The NC General Assembly and the NC Superintendent of Schools have chalked up a win in their bid to assign more power to the Superintendent for the running of the state’s schools, however, both sides seem to be declaring victory. Continue reading

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#NCED Updates: School Safety, School Threats and a Sweet Challenge

Here are some updates on North Carolina Education from the last few weeks in March.
The General Assembly’s School Safety Committee met, the threats to schools continued, PTA treasurer charged with embezzlement, WCPSS Board learned nothing from Parkland and focuses on Elementary suspensions, and Superintendent Mark Johnson issued a ‘sweet challenge’. Continue reading

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Cooper and Johnson Align. Bloomberg Money Well Spent?

The Republican NC Superintendent of Schools has garnered  Democrat Governor Roy Cooper’s approval on something. Continue reading

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Dr. Stotsky: I’ll Review NC DPI Common Core Revisions Pro Bono

Despite what the public has been told, Common Core is still the set of standards being used in North Carolina.

Right now, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is revising the Kindergarten through 8th grade English Language Arts (ELA) standards. Continue reading

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ReMARKable Blow Back On Bloomberg Money In NC Supt Race

It appears I am not the only one unsettled by discovering that there is substantial Bloomberg money in the NC Supt Race.

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More reMARKable Spin – #nced #ncpol

Oh brother.

First it was reMARKable selective editing, now an Alinsky style attack.

Here we go with more reMARKable spin from Teach For America’s Superintendent Candidate, Mark Johnson:

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Some reMARKable Selective Editing – #ncpol #nced

Well it appears that reMARKable Mark Johnson has decided to go negative against Dr. Rosemary Stein in the NC Superintendent’s race.

I received an email from him titled, “Talking Down To Teachers?”.

Get your popcorn.

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