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TFA capitol memeOh brother.

First it was reMARKable selective editing, now an Alinsky style attack.

Here we go with more reMARKable spin from Teach For America’s Superintendent Candidate, Mark Johnson:

DATE:  Thursday, March 3, 2016


What do Hillary Clinton, Jim Hunt, Roy Cooper and Rosemary Stein All Have in Common?
Big Government Smart Start!
Dr. Stein Strongly Supports the Same Program Hillary Clinton Praised in “It Takes a Village”


(Raleigh, NC) – Mark Johnson, Republican candidate for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction, today continued his push for more local control in public education and criticized one of his opponents for supporting the traditional Democrat big government position of more state control.

“I’m running for Superintendent of Public Instruction because I believe local education leaders best know how to address local education challenges,” said Johnson. “If we want to improve public education in North Carolina, we need to get rid of the Raleigh-Bureaucrat’s-One-Size-Fits-All approach that June Atkinson has encouraged during her 40 years at DPI.”

Johnson criticized one of the Republican primary candidates, Dr. Stein, for claiming to be a conservative Republican while at the same time openly supporting Smart Start, a program started by Democrat Governor Jim Hunt and so liberal that Hillary Clinton praised it in her book, It Takes a Village.

“When an ACC point guard fakes right but goes left, that’s a good thing,” Johnson continued. “But cynical politicians faking Right but governing Left are why so many Republicans are so frustrated this year. Dr. Stein claims to be a conservative candidate, but she serves on the board of Smart Start, a program so liberal that even Hillary Clinton praised it! Hillary Clinton’s playbook is not where Republicans need to be if we want to change public education for the better in North Carolina.”

Dr. Stein, on her campaign literature, touts her service on the statewide board of Smart Start. Hillary Clinton praised Smart Start in It Takes a Village, promoting her vision of big government programs, for “creating high-quality” government programs to “help prepare children.”

The News & Observer also recently noted that likely Democrat gubernatorial nominee Roy Cooper was who Jim Hunt depended on when he needed someone to “handle” getting Smart Start passed when Republicans tried to stop it. Stein is glad that Roy Cooper was successful?

There’s more, but let’s stop here for a moment.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Does Saul Alinsky know you’re using his Rules for Radicals? Hillary Clinton was a big fan of his too. Does that mean you’re a big liberal democrat in republican clothing?

By the way, have you read Dr. Stein’s book?  The title of which mock’s Hillary Clinton’s?Here you go: Who Needs a Village?: It’s a Mom Thing

Dr. Stein is a pediatrician by trade and was appointed to the Smart Start board for her expertise in childhood development. She is the only Republican on it and we should be thankful to have her appointed to it so that Conservatives can have a voice.

Should she have said no and let Democrats continue expanding their cradle to grave agenda unopposed?  And just what would YOU do about Smart Start? You fail to mention that.

June Atkinson does have a big government, top down, one-size-fits-all approach. So does Teach for America, which you are an alum of and who is coincidentally helping to advise, fund and direct your campaign.

Somewhere there is a Pot who wants to meet you, Kettle.

Continuing on..

 Mark Johnson | Biography

Johnson taught at West Charlotte High School before attending law school at UNC Chapel Hill. He serves as an elected leader of one of North Carolina’s largest school districts and is corporate counsel at an international technology company based in Winston-Salem. Johnson decided to run for Superintendent of Public Instruction after hearing from constituents and school leaders across NC about their frustration with the lack of urgency at the top of the agency to reform education.

 Johnson’s top priorities if elected:

  • Teachers NOT Testing! – reform the system of over-testing created by the incumbent;
  • 21st Century Preparation! – increase the smart, measured access to technology in all classrooms;
  • Trust Locals NOT Bureaucrats! – greater support for local education leaders instead of the one-size-fits-all approach from Raleigh.

Ok, that’s the last of the press release.  Let’s finish this up.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

How long did you teach at West Charlotte High? Aren’t you proud of your politically driven Teach For America training?  Why isn’t that in your biography?

21st Century Preparation? You talk about technology, but you’re clearly clueless about what that means. Because to parents it means Common Core and more data collection on their kids, which can in turn be sold to whoever.

Trust Locals? Again, is that why Teach For America is advising you on your campaign? Is that why Michael Bloomberg has given your campaign over $5,000?

By the way, I don’t see you hitting June Atkinson at all. All I see you doing is mimicking the food fight style of the current presidential campaign. How’s that workin’ out for the GOP, by the way?

Best regards,

AP Dillon

P.S. – I can’t wait to see you on Saturday so I can ask you all of this in person.

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  1. Miriam Chu says:

    Thank you Lady Liberty!
    If I could cast a vote for only one candidate in this Primary election, it would have to be for Dr. Rosemary Stein.
    Our national future and our children’s lives are being destroyed by government education, and all that Johnson or Sills will do is rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic! Rosemary is a visionary, who has laid out a common sense (the antithesis of Common Core!) plan to reform and revitalize North Carolina education. I have seen very few candidates as perfectly equipped, and as impassioned to achieve such a monumental and important task.
    God bless Dr. Rosemary Stein!


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