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Buncombe Dept. of Social Services: Baby Brokers in Child Adoption Market

Buncombe Dept. of Social Services: Baby Brokers in Child Adoption Market
By Lisa Baldwin

Buncombe’s Department of Social Services (DSS) is riddled with heart-wrenching problems related to child placement.

After a federal review of Children’s Protective Services cases in Buncombe and ten other North Carolina counties, the state was fined $1.7 million. An “improvement plan” will be put into place but not before multiple families are torn apart. Continue reading

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Editor of Hendersonville Lightning Joins The Media Bias Ranks

It’s been a banner week for media bias. The Charlotte Observer, WRAL, News and Observer and now Bill Moss, the editor at the Hendersonville Lightning. Moss has an editorial that is a candidate for the ‘Woefully Clueless’ Files.


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NC Chamber’s Mailer Gets The Nelson Treatment – #NC48 #NCpol

With the primary rapidly approaching, the mailer wars have begun.

This one in #NC48 put out by the NC Chamber is particularly hilarious.

Stick around while I give it the ‘Nelson treatment’. Continue reading

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Fireworks At #NC48 Debate Hosted By Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce

A debate was held this past Tuesday in the race to fill the seat of retiring Senator Apodaca.

Squaring off were Lisa Baldwin and Chuck Edwards and apparently Baldwin might have set off some fireworks. Continue reading

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More from #NC48 and A Little Rant To the NC Chamber on Common Core – #NCGA #NCpol

Recently I highlighted an article by the Daily Haymaker in which the NC Chamber of Commerce’s involvement in the race for the NC-48 Senate where the seat is being vacated by Sen. Apodaca.

I was engaged on Twitter by a regular reader wanting to make sure that people saw the bio for the candidate being backed by the NC Chamber, Chuck Edwards. I agreed to post it, so here you go…


I was also then desecended on by NC Chamber’s Nathan Babcock, who tried to sell me a line of utter BS on the Chamber’s involvement in Common Core.

BOY, did he pick the wrong Common Core fighting mom to peddle lies to.

Continue reading

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NC Chamber Meddling In NC-48 #NCGA Senate Race

The Daily Haymaker has an article up about the NC Chamber of Commerce meddling in the race to fill Sen. Apodaca’s seat (NC-48). From the looks of it, one of the two who has gotten into this race has the Chamber behind them.


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Buncombe Parents Concerned About Education, Common Core, Here’s Your Candidate – #ncpol

As I wrote back in December, parents concerned about education have some great choices for the NC General Assembly this election cycle.

One of those choices is Lisa Baldwin in Buncombe county. Baldwin is running for Sen. Tom Apodaca’s seat, who announced he is not seeking reelection.

Here is Baldwin’s official Press release:

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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