NC Chamber Meddling In NC-48 #NCGA Senate Race

The Daily Haymaker has an article up about the NC Chamber of Commerce meddling in the race to fill Sen. Apodaca’s seat (NC-48).  From the looks of it, one of the two who has gotten into this race has the Chamber behind them.


Battle-tested, Baldwin is aiming to take her no-holds-barred conservatism to Raleigh. She’s been a consistent voice questioning the excesses of big government and the bureaucrats who drive it.  And it drives all the right people bat$h!t crazy.

But Baldwin is going to have to fight past the money and influence of The North Carolina Chamber first.   The state Chamber — on record as soft on illegal immigration, FOR a gas tax hike,  and FOR Common Core — are putting their money behind Edwards. They’ve already paid for some slick flyers mailed out to  unaffiliated and Republican voters in the district.

Apparently both Chuck Edwards and Dennis Justice jumped in back in December.  Haymaker notes that Justice has denounced the NC Chamber’s involvement. Good for him. Let’s hope he sticks to that now that he probably has an NC Chamber target on his back.

I’ve written before about Lisa Baldwin both after her announcement to run and before it. For parents concerned about education and Common Core, there can be no greater candidate choice than Baldwin.  For True Conservatives, she’s your candidate.

Well, the fact that Baldwin has been garnering a lot of support and is actually a true conservative has clearly been noticed by the NC Chamber.

Remember, the NC Chamber is one of the larger pro-Common Core mouthpieces in our state, right alongside the Jim Hunt Institute.  The Chamber went as far as to shout down opposition from the public by forming a pro-Common Core outfit called “Hire Standards“. *Insert eyeroll here*

“Hire Standards” even hired a lobbyist to do their dirty work. Luckily, Co-Chair Tammy Covil wasn’t fooled.  Covil, another True Conservative,  is also running for an NCGA seat in New Hanover.

I often wonder if the tracker who was following me to all the Common Core events I went to back in 2013-2014 was one of the Chamber’s people.  That’s a different story for a different time.

The NC Chamber seems to be following the U.S. Chamber’s  $100 million dollar election template: Kill The True Conservatives.

You’ve been warned, people. You cannot just watch TV ads or see fliers anymore — you need to get up and go look at WHO IS GIVING THEM MONEY.

How else would you know what one of the candidates for Superintendent this year is getting money from MIKE BLOOMBERG?

Wake up, smell the donations.  Counterbalance that money — go hit Baldwin’s site and consider a donation of your own.

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