More from #NC48 and A Little Rant To the NC Chamber on Common Core – #NCGA #NCpol

Recently I highlighted an article by the Daily Haymaker in which the NC Chamber of Commerce’s involvement in the race for the NC-48 Senate where the seat is being vacated by Sen. Apodaca.

I was engaged on Twitter by a regular reader wanting to make sure that people saw the bio for the candidate being backed by the NC Chamber, Chuck Edwards. I agreed to post it, so here you go:

Go ahead folks, investigate on your own. That’s what I said yesterday and I say it again today.

I was also then desecended on by NC Chamber’s Nathan Babcock, who tried to sell me a line of utter BS on the Chamber’s involvement in Common Core.



Boy, did Babcock pick the wrong Common Core fighting mom to drop that load of crap on.

So what is the NC Chamber’s “Hire Standards” then, Mr. Babcock?

Mr. Babcock did not give up, but instead doubled down.

Gee, really?
The reason the NC Chamber backed SB 812 was because it included language whereby the recommendations from the commission would then go through the NC State Board of Education.

The Chamber bet the farm that the NC Board of Education would do June Atkinson and DPI’s bidding and kill any substantive recommendations.

THAT’S FACT, Mr. Babcock.

The US and NC Chamber OWN their support of Common Core and you’re a liar for implying anything else. How dumb do you think we are?

In fact, the NC Chamber is so invested in maintaining Common Core that they hired a lobbyist to pressure the NC Common Core Commission.  That lobbyist also wrote letters for other pro-core groups to pressure the commission with as well.

I said it yesterday and say it again, YOU PEOPLE ARE UNREAL.

Don’t forget, in 2014, Gene Arnold said out loud on NCSPIN  that the Chamber was threatening donations to lawmakers who didn’t go along with keeping and supporting Common Core.



Look, I am sure Mr. Edwards is a nice guy with a good story to tell — a Christian conservative, constitutionalist and pro-life who is traditional family. Oddly, that story sounds a lot like Baldwin’s.

I am sure he’s a good candidate, but in an election year where the US Chamber has given marching orders to intervene in races where True Conservatives are running, the support of the NC Chamber needs to be pointed out.

The same is true for the NC Chamber. They do a lot of good things. When they do something bad, however, they do it to the Nth degree — HI, LIKE COMMON CORE?

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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  3. Jeff Hyde says:

    A.P., Chuck Edwards is an American success story. He grew up poor (as many folks in Western NC do). His first job was in the Hendersonville McDonalds at age 16. Through hard work, initiative, and frugal living, he and his wife now own 7 McDonalds’ franchises. He is on many businesses boards and community organizations. They have over 350 employees that they treat as family. Please don’t denigrate a conservative running for office without knowing who they are and how they became the people they are today.

    Call Chuck up for an interview. You will be blown away by his humility and willingness to serve.


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