Fireworks At #NC48 Debate Hosted By Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce

A debate was held this past Tuesday in the race to fill the seat of retiring Senator Apodaca.

Squaring off were Lisa Baldwin and Chuck Edwards and apparently Baldwin might have set off some fireworks.

Citizen Times:

Baldwin elicited an angry response when she accused Edwards of sending a letter to then-U.S. House leaders Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner in 2013 “to push for what became the Obama amnesty.”

“I would enforce immigration laws on the books,” she said.

Edwards called the accusation “totally outrageous.” He said he had sent the letter as chairman of the Henderson chamber and that he had not supported amnesty.

Oh dear. Baldwin dropped the A-word.

The Citizen Times didn’t include the letter Baldwin was referencing which was apparently written in 2013 when Edwards was Chair of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce.

Remember that 2013 is the year that the Gang of 8 was all the rage. You remember the Gang of 8? It’s what’s killing Marco Rubio in the current presidential race.

 S. 744 was the Gang of 8’s bill, which basically was defacto amnesty for 11+ million illegals, handed the H1-B program to the Dept. of Labor to bungle and the Chamber of Commerce and unions got the visa worker program that they wanted.

Well, I’ve got a copy of the letter below but first a quick few notes about the very last line.

The last line is where “pro-growth immigration” is mentioned and one might wonder what he means by .

I’ve seen that phrase applied to growing the Republican party by reaching out to people whose first act was to break our laws.  I’ve also seen it applied to the economy by policy wonks saying a fast increased in population growth will mean a fast GDP growth.

“Pro-growth” is another D.C. buzzword, frankly.

Neither of those applications of  “pro-growth” tells you who it really helps. I can tell you who it doesn’t help — the over 95 million unemployed legal American citizens.

Having said all that, Edwards’ letter is probably a carbon copy of letters sent by Chamber of Commerce chairmen from all over the country at that time.

Here’s the letter:

Dear Speaker Boehner and Leader Pelosi,

The undersigned organizations urge the United States Congress to enact legislation that would bring meaningful reforms to critical components of our nation’s immigration system. Reform of an outdated, broken immigration system is essential if we are to achieve a fully revitalized economy that provides rewarding and lasting jobs and opportunities for all Americans.

Thought leaders from across the ideological spectrum agree that enacting Immigration reform now will accelerate U.S. economic growth at a critical time when it has struggled to recover, and will help to enable sustained growth for decades to come. Done right, reform will also serve to protect and complement our U.S. workforce, generating greater productivity and economic activity that will lead to new innovations, products, businesses, and jobs in communities across the United States.

We deal with an immigration system that is now in its third decade and completely incapable of being responsive to an ever-changing national economy and hypercompetitive global marketplace. Today, the problems with our immigration system have grown and multiplied to become an emerging threat to the current and future productivity, ingenuity, and competitiveness of key sectors of our economy, including agriculture, housing, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, tourism, engineering and technology.

We are united in the belief that we can and must do better for our economy and country by modernizing our immigration system. We already have been engaged with many members of Congress Republicans and Democrats on numerous components of a modern immigration system and we urge that you not let this momentum slip and progress vanish.

Failure to act is not an option. We cannot afford to be content and watch a generation-old immigration system work more and more against our overall national interest. Instead, we urge Congress to remain mindful of the clear benefits to our economy if we succeed, and work together and with us to achieve real, pro-growth immigration reform.


Henderson County (NC) Chamber of Commerce

Chairman Chuck Edwards


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2 Responses to Fireworks At #NC48 Debate Hosted By Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce

  1. Kim says:

    Wake up, Janet. As Lady Liberty just wrote, “pro growth immigration reform” is doublespeak for amnesty. The Chamber is all about protecting its business interests, the interests of the citizens be damned. If Edwards was not comfortable with the content of this “form” letter, he should not have sent it out. But by doing so and signing his name, he made his pro-amnesty position very clear. Ms. Baldwin is spot on in calling him out.


  2. Janet Burhoe-Jones says:

    Looks to me like he was sending the standard letter from chambers across the nation. It never says to give illegals amnesty. As a chamber member, he probably meant pro-growth to mean growth of our economy. Too bad race has gotten so nasty so fast, based on untruths and inuendos.


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