NC Chamber’s Mailer Gets The Nelson Treatment – #NC48 #NCpol

With the primary rapidly approaching, the mailer wars have begun.

This one is particularly hilarious:

Because she was a School Board member in Buncombe county, Lisa Baldwin is a “politician”, ya’ll.  My sides are aching from laughing.

This mailer is grasping at straws and is a really thin set of attacks. Apparently being a politician is also a bad thing, yet Mr. Edwards is seeking to become one. Man, this article is gonna write itself.

By the way, the mailer was produced by the NC Chamber of Commerce.  This mailer is just as clueless as when one of their officials  attempted to tell me, one of the biggest Anti-Common Core moms in NC, that the Chamber doesn’t support Common Core.

For the record, I was told that Edwards had renounced the NC Chamber’s support of him and if that’s true, I welcome him to decry this mailer. He can email me his statement at  I’ll be waiting.

Let’s look at this one more closely, because it deserves the Nelson treatment.

Claim One:  “Lisa Baldwin is a politician.”
“She was on the Buncombe County Board of Education, but lost her seat when voters turned her out. She failed to bring Conservative change to Buncombe county.”

REALITY: Anyone familiar with the Buncombe County Board of Ed knows that it is dominated by Liberal Democrats. Baldwin was forced out last cycle through a coordinated campaign by both Buncombe board members and liberals in the area.

Baldwin was the only one of that board who stood up and fought against Common Core, fought for transparency and  fought for fiscal responsibility.  Even after being forced out by liberals in the area, she continued to fight and took on questionable curriculum in the area.

What the NCGA desperately needs right now is Republicans with education experience.

If Chuck Edwards is such a big awesome Conservative, where was he when Baldwin was under attack? *CRICKETS*

Claim Two: “Lisa Baldwin’s Experience consists of working as a politician. on the Buncombe county school board, where she lost a Republican district, and as a bureaucrat in the federal government. Her private sector experience consists of writing a newspaper column and blog.”

REALITY:  Well, the mailer repeats itself here, perhaps the NC Chamber is having a Rubio-bot moment. We addressed the Buncombe school board already; It’s liberal run and the only Republican with the nerve to run for it was Baldwin.  She lost because Republicans like Mr. Edwards didn’t show up maybe?

As for being a “bureaucrat”, Baldwin worked for the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture as an economist. The definition of “bureaucrat” is “an official in a government department, in particular one perceived as being concerned with procedural correctness at the expense of people’s needs.”

Gee, is scrutinizing the Buncombe board’s expenditures being concerned with ‘procedural correctness at the expense of people’s needs’? No, the opposite; it’s being a good steward of the taxpayer dollar.

As for writing columns and a blog? Well, I do that for a living. Is there something wrong with that, NC Chamber? The arrogance is astounding.

Claim Three: “Can we trust Lisa Baldwin to have the knowledge to fight for lower taxes in Raleigh?” ” On the Buncombe County Board of Education, Lisa did not have taxing authority. On her website, she does not list taxes as things she cares about or will work on in Raleigh.”

REALITY:  Did the NC Chamber miss where Baldwin has an economics degree? Does the NC Chamber realize no school board has taxing authority?  What kind of empty attack is that?

Did they miss this section on her website?

“I will call for more transparency and accountability from government agencies. Each agency should build their budget from the ground up, known as zero-based budgeting. Only core government services should be funded with valuable taxpayer dollars. All decisions must be viewed through the lens of the state constitution, North Carolina’s governing document.”

Sounds to me like Baldwin has the taxpayer’s best interest in mind and tax payers, you know, pay taxes?

Final Response to the NC Chamber’s  FAILTASTIC mailer:

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