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NCED Updates: New Hanover Predators, Istation, Common Core, Leandro, NCAE & Elections

This edition of NCED Updates will cover a lot of ground from New Hanover County Public Schools predator problem to Istation updates, Common Core, Leandro, the NCAE and upcoming elections. This edition kicks off with national headlines and a disturbing attack on school choice in Florida. Continue reading

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Vote Protecting or Vote Harassing? – #NCpol #NCBOE

Those ‘non-partisan advocates for clean elections’ are back.

Now they want you to sign up to be a ‘vote protector’. Honestly, this looks more like ‘vote harasser’ to me. Check out Democracy NC’s latest Big Brother at the Polls campaign…

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Why Is Bloomberg Money In The NC Superintendent Race?

Folks might not realize it, but the NC Superintendent position is up for grabs this election year.

Dr. Atkinson has filed to run again, but there are four other people running as well. This is one of the most crowded Superintendent races in a while, with two Democrats and three Republicans running.

Those running against Atkinson are J. Wesley Sills (R), Henry Pankey (D), Dr. Rosemary Stein (R) and Mark Johnson (R).

One of them is getting money from Mike Bloomberg and Teach for America’s political offshoot organization.
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A Look At The NC Superintendent Race

With all the air being sucked out of the room by the 2016 Presidential race, some key state races have not had enough of a spotlight on them. Case in point, the North Carolina Superintendent race.

This race is quite crowded, with five people in the running including the current Superintendent, June Atkinson. The race includes two Democrats and three Republicans.

Aside from Superintendent Atkinson, the candidates are Henry Pankey, Mark Johnson, J. Wesley Sills and Dr. Rosemary Stein. Of those running, it is iteresting to note that only one challenger is female – Dr. Rosemary Stein. We’ll get to know more about Dr. Stein in a bit, first, some background on the other candidates.

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Is Gov. McCrory Getting Ready for 2016?

Is Governor McCrory getting ready for 2016? Yep.

Question is, 2016 nationally or in North Carolina?
Personally, his Common Core support means no support from me this time.

Email I received is below the fold.

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