Update On Cox Mills HS “TownHall”

I have another update to the Cox Mills “Townhall” saga. The Cabarrus Board Chair, Blake Kriger, reached out to me to give comment after seeing my previous article. I’m adding this to the record below.
He wrote:

Blake Kiger Mon, May 12, 2014 at 4:34 PM
To: Lily Liberty
Ms Dillon,

I just read your most recent post regarding the “townhall” event. As the board chair I speak for the board and I apologize for not responding to you directly. When I read your email to Ms Monroe, I sent a note to the superintendent’s office and requested that they get the answers to your questions. For some reason, probably because it was a school event and not a board sponsored event, I did not think to reply to you on the boards behalf. It looks like Ms Boone got you some information.

I don’t know about other board members, but I heard that Dr Atkinson was going to be at one of our schools and I made arrangements to go. I sat in the audience and did not know the context of the meeting prior to going. Dr Atkinson spoke mostly regarding Common Core.

Again, I apologize for not acknowledging your note and letting you know that it was received.

Blake Kiger
Board Chair
Cabarrus County

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Several weeks ago, I reported on a “townhall” that was held at Cox Mills High in Cabarrus county. That “townhall” included political candidates, one of which made a political speech. That candidate is Earle Schecter, the NY transplant running as a Democrat against incumbent Larry Pittman.  State Superintendent and CCSSO President, June Atkinson, was also present but Rep. Larry Pittman confirmed to me that he was not informed of this event. I asked the question, was this a Democrat campaign event or a townhall?

The answer is a bit of both.

I’ve received official word from both Cabarrus County Schools AND the Cabarrus Democrat Party. Let’s run this down in order.

April 16th, a “townhall” for “Friends of Education” is held at Cox Mills High in Cabarrus county. Citizens report to me that a political speech is made my Earle Schecter.

On April 18th, I reached out to…

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