SHOCKER: Arrests At Moral Monday – #hb2

You guys, there were arrests at a Moral Monday protest. I know, you’re all just shocked.

How was yesterday any different from any other Moral Monday? Hint: It wasn’t.

Same circus. Different day.

The usual charges were enacted:


Wake Mugshots had the following 10:

The 11th wasn’t in Wake Mugshots list, but ABC 11 had it:

Reverend Barber was not among those arrested. Once again, he sends his pre-selected, volunteer pawns in.

News and Observer reports that there are “German news crews in Raleigh to chronicle HB2 fight.  One of their reporters made the following statements:

Frank Herrmann, a U.S. correspondent for the Rheinische Post, a major German daily newspaper headquartered in Dusseldorf, and Damir Fras, a reporter with the Berliner Zeitung, a daily based in Berlin, had many questions for Barber and others at the Legislative Building on Monday.

They said many of their German readers are fascinated with American politics, especially with Donald Trump’s race for the presidency. The debate over restrooms and public facilities had them baffled.

“The bathroom section of the bill is extraordinary,” said Fras.

“You just say, “Hey, aren’t there bigger problems, bigger fish to fry,” Hermann added.

“Bigger fish to fry”?  “Baffled” by wanting to keep men out of women’s facilities?

Small freaking wonder that Germany is currently overwhelmed by refugees that are raping and looting their way across the country. yet, their news outlets are “baffled” by the desire for privacy and security in a shower or bathroom in another country!

Where was this insane German curiosity when around 4,000 people showed up in support of HB2?  Give me a damn break.

News and Observer also reported that Bully Barber called HB2 a “Trojan horse”. Could the LOL be any bigger? A Trojan horse for what exactly? Isn’t the opposite true? Allowing open bathrooms and showers is a Trojan horse for letting in predators.

The usual collection of far left and BlueprintNC partners were all there. Fight for 15 tweeted a guy holding a sign with an MLK quote. Yes, men peeing alongside women is exactly the same thing. Someone, stop the stupid please?

Planned Parenthood was, of course, supporting the circus yesterday. Their South Atlantic twitter account tweeted this self awareness fail:

My response: “Says the group who murder the unborn in the name of ‘women’s health’.”


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