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NC Dem Bill for ‘Safer Schools, Healthier Kids’ Looks Just Like ‘Extreme Risk Protection Order’ Bill

Two bills were put forward by NC Democrats and seem to be essentially the same. The main difference is that one of them is using NC schools and kids as a reason to enact their gun control wish list. Continue reading

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MoMo Without The Mojo: 5/29 Poor People’s Campaign Protest Mugshots

Yesterday was yet another one of Reverend Barber’s lackluster MoMo without the Mojo protests. For the uninitiated, when I refer to MoMo, that means Moral Monday. And Yep, I’ve got the latest batch of mugshots of his band of merry idiots. Continue reading

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Cooper on School Safety: Give Me $130 Million to Train “Counselors to Cafeteria Workers”

Stunt action figure Democrat Governor Roy Cooper is back and this time it’s a call for $130 million to train everyone from “counselors to cafeteria workers” to head-shrink our kids.  All of this in the name of ‘school safety, of course. Continue reading

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Vox Teacher Pay Article Relies On Old and Unweighted Union Data

The last place anyone should be looking for facts is at Vox. 

Case in point, their latest on ‘teacher pay’ which is meant to stir up more teacher strikes using outdated and unweighted data sets from… wait for it… one of the largest teacher unions in the country. Continue reading

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Judge: NCGA Protesters Who Violated Building Rules Will Be Tried

A judge has ruled the legislature can write and enact its own building conduct rules.
No more free passes for the Moral Monday crowd. Continue reading

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NCGA Forms School Safety Committee

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting protecting our schools from violence is in the mind of North Carolina legislators. Continue reading

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NCGA Democrat Teams Up With Group Tied To Hillary Clinton, Fusion GPS Law Firm

WRAL put up an article over the weekend about NC General Assembly Rep. Graig Meyer teaming up with the Future Now Fund.
It’s a very vanilla article and per usual, the incurious WRAL left out a key fact. Continue reading

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