MoMo Without The Mojo: 5/29 Poor People’s Campaign Protest Mugshots

Yesterday was yet another one of Reverend Barber’s lackluster MoMo without the Mojo protests. For the uninitiated, when I refer to MoMo, that means Moral Monday.

Barber’s using the same ‘get arrested to get media attention’ model as Moral Monday but it’s not really working out that well.  *YAWN*

Per usual, I have the names and faces of the sad lot that was arrested in yesterday’s manufactured outrage fest.

Before I post the names and faces of the latest batch of MoMo’s, let’s all take a moment to lament (and by lament, I mean point and laugh at) the crappy civics education they apparently have.

Wanna see some MoMo without the Mojo hollerin’?  Here you go, via Triad City Beat:

More hootin’ and hollerin’ here and here. Shots of the 2 dozen or so protesters here.

Here are some local media reports and fun excerpts.

What did they want? Everything.

​Dozens are walking into North Carolina’s Legislative Office Building to call for social justice on issues ranging from gun control to poverty relief. (Fresno Bee)

Point and laugh again.

The group, calling the event the “Poor People’s Campaign,” says they are calling for a “strengthening of Veterans Affairs systems, a ban on assault weapons, and demilitarization of local communities.” (Spectrum News)

War economy? Whaaaaat?

“We don’t like the war economy,” Irving continued. “That is an economic draft that drafts our poor. And when our poor are drafted and they come back and they have healthcare problems, and they can’t get healthcare because North Carolina has not expanded Medicaid. The North Carolina veterans are hurting. They’re committing suicides at enormous rates.” (Triad City Beat)

That ‘piece of paper is the U.S. Constitution.

When you prioritize a piece of paper and a weapon over human rights, we have a gun problem,” said Lily Levin, a 17-year old student. (Triad City Beat)

Yes, let’s tell the truth about how the Obama administration deported tens of thousands and you said nothing, Reverend.

Declaring, “We have now weaponized deportation,” Barber didn’t let President Obama or the Democratic Party off the hook. He said, “It ain’t just Trump’s fault, but Obama didn’t do what he was supposed to either. Now, y’all won’t say ‘amen,’ but we gotta tell the truth.” (Triad City Beat)

The above wasn’t even the worst of what he said either.  Enough of the Buffet Slayer’s theatrics. Let’s get on to the mojoless minions.

The MoJoless MoMo Arrestees

Now, for those shining faces, all of whom were charged with Second Degree Trespassing.

All of the media reports said there were 12 Mojoless MoMo’s but I found 13. The total of those who have tangoed with the General Assembly police so far is 76.

052918 MoMo PPC 1sm

052918 MoMo PPC 2v1sm



















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