Judge: NCGA Protesters Who Violated Building Rules Will Be Tried

A Judge has ruled that the NC General Assembly has the right to write rules for building access and conduct.

Superior Court Judge Carl Fox rejected arguments that the building rules were illegal.

Fox ruled in Wake County court that lawmakers could delegate authority over where visitors can go in the building and how much noise they can make to a special panel called the Legislative Services Commission. (AP)

The two who will be standing trial are Carol Anderson and Dale Herman.

Remember, the people attended a meeting, volunteered to be arrested and were given a special armband to designate they were doing it.

Carol Anderson was arrested twice at the legislature; once on May 13, 2013, and again on May 16, 2016. Herman has also been arrested twice during Moral Monday protests.

053017 Herman, Dale (2)

Remember, Moral Monday created the need for more defined rules with their repeated ‘arrests for media attention’ tactics. This ruling means no more free passes for the repeat offender Moral Monday protesters – if there are any more arrests since it seems like Moral Monday has died out.

I’m not kidding about repeat offenders.

Getting arrested: It’s a family affair.

Pete Kaliner of WWNC Radio laid out this issue quite succinctly. A snippet below; MoMos is the nickname for Moral Monday protesters.

The MoMos researched how to get arrested and held instructional meetings to tell people how to get themselves arrested, if they so chose. Once arrested, the MoMos then argued that they should be acquitted because the rules they researched and broke were too vague.

Yesterday, the GOP clarified these rules … and the MoMos are mad.


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