Cooper on School Safety: Give Me $130 Million to Train “Counselors to Cafeteria Workers”

Stunt action figure Democrat Governor Roy Cooper is back and this time it’s a call for $40 million out of a $130 million proposal to train everyone from “counselors to cafeteria workers” to head-shrink our kids.

All of this in the name of ‘school safety, of course.

Cooper’s proposal in a nutshell:

  • $65 million reserve for building improvements related to safety and security at K-12 public schools, state universities and community colleges.
  • $40 million in flexible funding for schools to hire additional personnel to support students and youth mental health.
  • $7 million to increase the allotment of funds for high school SROs, from
    roughly $38,000 per high school to approximately $50,000 per high school. Another $3 million would go to supplement the grant program for officers stationed at elementary and middle schools.
  • $444,000 to support the School Risk Management System that provides assistance with risk planning, school-wide exercises and monitoring to each school

Cooper’s proposal comes two weeks after the legislature had already started moving on school safety.  And per usual, it makes no mention of where the money will come from to fund it.

The General Assembly has taken the lead in developing more resources for school safety and has set up to sub-committees to look into various aspects of the issue.

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