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Teach Your Children Well About 9/11

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the worst Islamic terror attack in our nation’s history.

Most of the people reading this article can remember quite vividly where they were when the attacks came. I know I can — like it was yesterday.

However, our children likely do not. Continue reading

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Home of the Bravely Hypocritical

Since 49’ers QB Colin Kaepernick choose to sit during the National Anthem there’s been a non-stop fire storm across the country regarding his actions.

Since the”sit-in” other NFL players, including Denver Broncos Brandon Marshall, have jumped on that band wagon in solidarity with Kaepernick, his actions and his reasons for the Flag protest. Continue reading

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I Am Your Worst Nightmare

Open Letter to America:

Call me a monster if you wish, I am quite large after all. Funny how when no one is paying attention to how appearances can change. Anyhow, thought I would drop you a note with just a taste of what I have done, what I can do, and what I may do. Keep it on the down low, but I gotta tell ya….I am your worst nightmare.

Here is my resume..

I can go after your beliefs, and your traditions. Nothing will be sacred to me. I will make you to “see it my way” because “it’s for you own good” oh, and if you don’t, I will attack you, belittle you, shame you. You are in the way.

You can speak out about me if you want, however, be careful, because I can hear everything you say. I am everywhere. Don’t think for a moment that my true believers wont root you out. Don’t speak against me.

If you dissent, or oppose me, (do you really want to go there?) I can send out my minions to degrade you, smear you, and discredit you . You will be considered the lowest of human beings. It is in my best interest that I do this. Then, if you continue to defy me, I may keep you from having any platform for you to speak on. You will have no way of getting out any of your views. I will make sure of that. I will take away your ability to learn anything of value. I can make your life a living hell. I will silence you.

Read more… Continue reading

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Never Forget – 2012

It’s 11 years later and we face a pivotal election for our nation. It would be easy to speed about our days today and not pay attention but we must Never forget.

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The Lady’s Story

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NYC Continue reading

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20 – 20 – 4

I turn my heart and eyes to those two small people, which God gifted me with. I draw my strength from 20 fingers. I draw my inspiration from 20 toes. I draw my resolve from the 4 eyes that look to me for love, support, guidance and protection. Continue reading

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Olbermann & Markos Moulitsas: The Moron Twins

I saw this article at The Blaze – Olbermann Markos Moulitsas: Republicans 3,000 Deaths on 9/11 as ‘Political Opportunity’ | Video | and just had to comment. This entire thing is offensive on several levels and you know I … Continue reading

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