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NC 2018 SAT Scores Rise Slightly Over Previous Year

North Carolina SAT exam participation rate and scores for 2018 graduates rose slightly over the previous year’s scores according to the latest results released by the College Board last week. Continue reading

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Teach Your Children Well About 9/11

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the worst Islamic terror attack in our nation’s history.

Most of the people reading this article can remember quite vividly where they were when the attacks came. I know I can — like it was yesterday.

However, our children likely do not. Continue reading

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Do Your Kids Watch ‘StoryBots’ on Netflix?

Do your kids watch StoryBots on Netflix? Are they using StoryBots games in school?

Did you know that those games are Common Core aligned?

This is a fine example of the ‘gamification’ of education. Continue reading

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How PC Zombies Are Created: Close Reading

Teaching Tolerance has just rolled out their ‘close reading’ guide.

Parents should read these guidelines and be aware that the majority of Teaching Tolerance suggested reading centers around LGBT issues, racism, white guilt, glorification of illegal aliens and bullying of all kinds. These materials are not balanced and contain a specific politically correct formula. Continue reading

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A Look At HRC: Hypocrisy, Money and Agenda – Part IV

The following is a multi-part series on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).
In part III, we followed the money. This is part IV – the Agenda, as it pertains to education.

Continue reading

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Ed Startup’s Digital Ed Plan is Utterly Orwellian and Disturbing

An Education startup’s digital education plans are utterly Orwellian and disturbing.

In an article posted at EdWeek, details on an Education organization’s digital curriculum plans were laid out and include plans for massive data collection and surveillance that is currently targeting K-8 students.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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