I Am Your Worst Nightmare

Open Letter to America:

Call me a monster if you wish,  I am quite large after all.    Funny how when no one is paying attention  appearances can change.  Anyhow, thought I would drop you a note with  just a taste of what I have done, what I can do,  and what I may do.  Keep it on the down low, but I gotta tell ya….I am your worst nightmare. 

Here is my resume..

I can go after your beliefs, and your traditions.  Nothing will be sacred to me.   I will make you to “see it my way”  because “it’s for you own good” oh,  and if you don’t,  I will attack you, belittle you, shame you.   You are in the way.

You can speak out about  me if you want, however, be careful, because I can hear everything you say.  I am everywhere.  Don’t think for a moment that my  true believers wont root you out.   Don’t speak against me.

If you dissent, or oppose me, (do you really want to go there?) I can send out my minions to degrade you, smear you, and discredit you .  You will be considered  the lowest of human beings.   It is in my best interest that I do this.    Then, if you continue to defy me,  I may keep you from having any platform for you to speak on.  You will have no way of getting out any of your views.  I will make sure of that.   I will take away your ability to learn anything of value.  I can  make your life a living hell.  I will silence you.  

I will shove down your throat the things you don’t want — just like pea’s when you were a kid. I don’t care how you think you should run your affairs because  I will undermine your efforts at any cost,  I’ve got the power to do so.  Your individual needs are not my concern.  It’s all about making you look bad, and I am a master at that.   It is not about you, really, its notIt’s all about me.

I will gloat continuously when it serves my narrative and my vanity.  I will lie and lie some more to you when something does not fit my narrative.   After all, come on,  what difference does it make?  I am never at fault.

Finally, I will place your personal security at risk.  I will take away your ability to protect yourself.   One way or the other, I will infringe on that right.  I will leave you vulnerable to those who wish to do you harm.  I have no use for it.

I just love how you use your quotes like:

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. -Thomas Paine

And my personal favorite, (well, not really):

Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance. -Woodrow Wilson

It’s almost cute how you believe in Liberty and that truth will prevail.  Just remember I am a very big monster hiding under your bed. As long as you don’t figure out that I am not the big furry character from some kid’s Disney movie, then I am in the clear baby!!!!

Oh crap, where are my manners? I have been rambling on and on just talking about me and haven’t introduced my self — my bad!

I am your current administration.



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  3. My willingness to DIE for Liberty to Gain Liberty, to Sustain Liberty is ‘I AM YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE’s’ NIGHTMARE…it will haunt it to it’s grave need be!


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