Olbermann & Markos Moulitsas: The Moron Twins

I saw this article at The Blaze – Olbermann Markos Moulitsas: Republicans 3,000 Deaths on 9/11 as ‘Political Opportunity’ | Video | TheBlaze.com and just had to comment.

This entire thing is offensive on several levels and you know I had something to say about it.

1.  Olbermann and Kos arguably are two of  the most Leftist and hateful ‘media’ personalities one can name. For these two idiots, who regularly pander to Islamists and their ‘peaceful and tolerant’ religion, to push the premise  that Republicans ‘don’t care about the victims of 9/11’ and it was a ‘political opportunity’ for them is incredible. I am surprised they didn’t choke on their own hypocrisy. I doubt it even entered their tiny one track mind liberal brains that by suggesting that idea, they themselves were committing schadenfreude.

2.  Olbermann has thrice been fired and now is exiled to channel whatever it is somewhere in the bowels of cable. Look at his stable of guests – Michael Moore, Janeane Garafalo, Kos. A venerable who’s who of Lefty La-La Land. Since when has this guy or any of his guests who shrilly complain about the Right being so insensitive ever shown much sensitivity? These moron twins just used the worst terrorist attack in our history to draw media attention to themselves. So sensitive!

3.  You should both be apologizing – that day was not about Democrat, Republican, Left or Right. It was about AMERICANS. None of us were left untouched that day, especially President Bush. To be crass, neither Olbermann nor Markos Moulitsas has a fraction of the nuts or fortitude that man has. He kept ALL of us out of harms way after 9/11 and you should be THANKING HIM, Jackwagons!

4.  I am a Republican. Go ahead and search this blog. I’ve done tributes all year long to 9/11, the victims and attempted to raise awareness so we don’t forget what happened that day, meanwhile Imam Bloomberg is so desperately trying to sanitize the whole event. I dare you to question any political gain I got out of 9/11. I dare you to ask that question aloud, to President Bush’s face. Do it, I double-dog dare ya, you pathetic bottom-dwelling sacks of self-serving detritus.

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