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Teach Your Children Well About 9/11

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the worst Islamic terror attack in our nation’s history.

Most of the people reading this article can remember quite vividly where they were when the attacks came. I know I can — like it was yesterday.

However, our children likely do not. Continue reading

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Home of the Bravely Hypocritical

Since 49’ers QB Colin Kaepernick choose to sit during the National Anthem there’s been a non-stop fire storm across the country regarding his actions.

Since the”sit-in” other NFL players, including Denver Broncos Brandon Marshall, have jumped on that band wagon in solidarity with Kaepernick, his actions and his reasons for the Flag protest. Continue reading

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Benghazi Twist – Video a patsy?

This morning, American Crossroads has a devastating new ad out that lays out who blamed what and when. It ends it up with CNN’s Candy Crowley – fitting given she was actively running defense for Obama at the Hofstra debate. Here’s the video: Continue reading

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9/11 Remembrances on Facebook – Obama v. Romney

Screenshots taken about 5 minutes ago… THERE ARE TWO PATHS, people. Continue reading

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20 – 20 – 4

I turn my heart and eyes to those two small people, which God gifted me with. I draw my strength from 20 fingers. I draw my inspiration from 20 toes. I draw my resolve from the 4 eyes that look to me for love, support, guidance and protection. Continue reading

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Dear Dhimmi Bloomberg

Dear Dhimmi Bloomberg, I recently read an article about the 9/11 First Responders not being invited to the 10th Anniversary Memorial of 9/11. To say I was appalled would be an understatement. First responders should be center stage on this … Continue reading

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Ten Years Later – A Continuing Tribute (7/10/11)

We MUST Never Forget. We are two months from the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. Ten years seems like a long time for some, but for others it was just yesterday. For much of America, the wounds are still fresh from … Continue reading

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