Durham Councilwoman’s Comments On Guns Not That Shocking – #ncpol

Many outlets, including The Blaze, are running a story about remarks made on Facebook by Durham Councilwoman Jillian Johnson.  Here’s is a screenshot:

Image courtesy of WTVD-TV

Image courtesy of WTVD-TV

Johnson’s comments about guns are not that shocking if you have a clue who she is and what she stands for.  Does no one Google anymore?

Johnson is no stranger to protests and arrests. She’s an activist first and foremost.

I’ve written about her twice so far and barely scraped her apparent Far Left surface. I once wrote about her regarding her co-leadership of an SEIU backed protest group called “Triangle Jobs With Justice“.

Another article I wrote about her role in the Black Lives Matter protests in Durham.

Johnson was an organizer of Occupy Durham as well.

Jillian Johnson’s Facebook profile says she is the Director of Southern Vision Alliance. She is also the registering agent for that group at the NC Secretary of State.   Southern Vision Alliance is tied to the Youth Organizing Institute, which has been conducting ‘school to prison pipeline‘ protests in the Triangle area.

There are 8 Web domains associated with email “JillyLovesDurham@gmail.com” which has appeared on paperwork filed by Johnson in the past for non-profits.  One of those domains includes NCJWJ and there are two with names that could be potential immigration push sites.

Johnson was arrested at at Moral Monday protest in Raleigh in 2013. Johnson tweeted about that arrest as recently as March of 2016.

Johnson is apparently involved with the “Durham Solidarity Center”. Johnson co-signed a letter earlier this year  to the Raleigh-Durham International Airport Transit Authority and used her official Durham Council position title to do so.

Johnson Twitter 062316 - CopyThe letter demanded that ‘trans’ people be treated with “dignity and respect” after a ‘trans-woman’ was flagged for a pat down — just like millions of citizens are each year. Finding her signature was not surprising  given her ties to every single organization who signed the letter. According to her Twitter account, Johnson is a “queer mother of black sons”.

Johnson also appears to be involved with or be supporting the activities of Organize 2020. Organize 2020  is the ‘Social Justice Caucus’ of the NC Association of Educators. The group is made of up of teachers and it’s only purpose thus far has been to stage protests.

The most recent Organize 2020 event was marching from Durham to Raleigh over the course of two days, refusing two meetings offered to them with the Governor’s staff, then showing up when the building was closed and dramatically demanding entry.

The event culminated with just over a dozen Organize 2020 members being arrested. Johnson supported these arrests using her Jillian4Council twitter account:

Johnson’s tweet left out the key detail: These “teachers” voluntarily sat in the middle of rush hour traffic in downtown Raleigh with the express purpose of being arrested, likely to gain media attention.


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  1. Kathy says:

    Dishonesty and Half-Truths (or 1/100th truths), the sign of the deceitful Leftists.kathy


  2. subtlesusan says:

    Reblogged this on Subtle Susan's Blog and commented:
    Why are so many SJW activists so misguided?

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    • Unaffiliated Voter says:

      because IGNORANCE is innate within these kind of people…they are products of government indoctrination screwls…our screwls teach this way now…get YOUR children OUT of government screwls as fast as you CAN!


      • Kim says:

        It is time for the police to get a clue. For decades, you and your union thug leadership have voted en masse for the Democrat machine. And now the chickens have come home to roost with Black Lives Matters and stupid, foolish, clueless asses in leadership and/or elected offices like this woman. Wake up, stop feeding the machine and start voting these idiots out. And stop supporting YOUR pansy leadership who talk a good game, stamp their feet with righteous indignation — and then let this POS councilwoman off the hook for offensive comments. BLM and the racist “every Black is a victim” crew would never do that. They would stomp, protest, fall on the streets until theirs”offender” was fired. They would never allow free of speech as a defense. Why are you, cops, so silent?!?!


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