Community Organizer Worries About ‘School To Prison Pipeline’ – #nced #ncpol

I’ve written in the past about the ‘school to prison pipeline’ narrative.

The idea is that school discipline practices are discriminatory.

The goal, which organizers will deny, is to have a separate set of discipline rules for minorities and remove any type of police presence from schools.

The tactic is to protest using similar escalating methods like ones we’ve seen at Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.

The difference is this time, it’s middle school and high school kids. With professional agitators supporting them.

Three groups have been involved in this in North Carolina – Education Justice Alliance, NC HEAT and Youth Organizing Institute.

Fun Fact:  Education Justice Alliance’s website is registered to Angeline Echeverria, one of the PVC Six arrested this past week and who is a staffer at El Pueblo.

WNCN, with emphasis added.

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) — Could our schools be leading some students to prison? A group of students, teachers and education advocates say it is.

They gathered at Washington GT Elementary School and then marched to central prison in Raleigh on Saturday afternoon.

Organizers say more money is needed for schools and education.

That the focus has become security and that certain racial and ethnic groups are being unfairly targeted.

The event is part of the “dignity in schools’ national week of action.

For one Raleigh protester its personal.

“I grew up with these kids and I knew who they were and it was just disheartening for me to see they keep getting arrested and keep getting in trouble. Because it’s boy conducive to them becoming a more productive member of society,” said Sanyu Gichie, a protester.

Protesters are calling for an end to school resource officers.

WNCN’s Google must be broken.

Sanyu Gichie isn’t even in high school. She graduated UNC Chapel Hill this year.

She’s the “Solutions Not Suspensions Campaign Manager” for Youth Organizing Institute, which is a partner of BlueprintNC and the NCNAACP’s Moral Monday.

Look, there’s all the kiddies with Bully Barber.

Oh and Gichie’s also apparently into acting and modeling.

Before that, Gichie was a ‘community organizer’ with the NCSU Student Power Union and she is the co-founder of NC HEAT. Read NC HEAT’s about page – tell me how Art Pope and the Koch’s fit anywhere in HEAT’s alleged crusade?

NC HEAT and Youth Organizing Institute are best pals. So much so, that when you want to donate to NC HEAT, you are sending money to Youth Organizing Institute:

The Youth Organizing Institute is a projec tof Action for Community in Raleigh (ACRe), a registered 501c(3) organization

The typo above is not mine.

The HEAT in NC HEAT stands for “Heroes Emerging Amongst Teens”. They misspell ‘amongst’ on their website though: “NORTH CAROLINA HEROES EMERGING AMONST TEENS”.

Follow the Money
View the NC Secretary of State’s profile for ACRe.  ACRe is apparently a 501(c)3.
There are TWO records for Youth Organizing Institute; one under ACRe and the other under Southern Vision Alliance.

Group was registered in February of 2005 by Attila Nemecz, a far left radical associated with the climate change group Earth First! and Asheville’s ‘Rising Tide‘.  Nemecz had her Wake county voter registration removed, but looks to have an active one in Beaufort county?

Also listed in the creation filings for ACRe are Megan Lebda of Cary, NC and Brad Goodnight of Raleigh.   Lebda has no active voter registration, but had one registration removed. I was unable to nail down Goodnight’s voter registration status.

The address listed as the corporate office doesn’t appear to be valid anymore. According to Wake County tax records, 822 Chamberlain Street Raleigh NC seems to be a rental property owned by one Shallal Jefferson of New York City.

Donations are taken through a site called “Network for Good”, which another 501(c)3 that apparently funnels hundreds of millions of donations to non-profits around each year. The donation address for ACRe is 804 Old Fayetteville St, Durham, NC 27701.  According to Google, that’s the address for the HAYTI Heritage Center?

Something doesn’t jive here.

By the way, this School to Prison Pipeline narrative is a coordinated movement that goes all the way up.

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